fix my hard disk drive

Seagate Freeagent goflex staa1000100 1 t...
October 12, 2011 at 11:43:26
Specs: Windows 7, 3 gb
i have 1TB seagate freeagent hard disk is not working it is raw on a raw file system, how can i fix it?

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October 12, 2011 at 11:49:23
Apparently it's an external drive.

If you have not dropped the drive, your problem was probably caused by you unplugging the drive at the wrong time - Windows "sees" the drive's space as "raw" (un-allocated) because data was damaged on the drive that informs the operating system that the space is software partitioned and formatted and has files on it (if it did have files on it). . Usually the problem can be fixed.

See response 2 and 3:

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October 12, 2011 at 11:58:09
yes its,, i already tried to reformat it but it saying it cannot complete reformatting. i already entered to disk management but still unable to complete formatting. what else i will do?

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October 12, 2011 at 12:12:28
See response 2 and 3:

....especially the info at the link in response 2.

"Windows "sees" the drive's space as "raw" (un-allocated) because data was damaged on the drive that informs the operating system that the space is software partitioned and formatted and has files on it (if it did have files on it)"

The info on the partition table - the organized index of where the files are on the drive's space - (MFT - Master File Table - if it's a NTFS partition; the first one of two FATs - File Allocation Tables - if it's a FAT32 partition) is damaged on the drive's partition.
Deleting the partition and making a new one would defeat the purpose of recovering any data that's already on the drive in any case - even if you did use a data recovery program after that, you probably would not be able to recover as many files. .
Windows can't format a partition that has damaged partition table info.

If there is data on the drive you know was there that you want to recover, you use a data recovery program that can repair the partition table information. If you are fortunate, then all the data you know is on the drive will then re-appear. If not, you will have to do additional things to recover your data. Doing those things usually recovers more files that you know were on the drive, if not all of them.
Note that data recovery programs will also likely find at least some of the files or folders that you had already deleted on the partition.

If there was no data on the drive that you want to recover, delete the existing partition(s) on the drive in Disk Management and make one or more new one(s). ( If you want more than one partition on it, reduce the shown default size of the first partition before you make it - 1,024mb per gb. )

When you are able to delete a partition and make a new one in Windows 2000 and up (you can't do that for a partition on a removable flash drive or memory card by default in Windows with what's built into it) the partition's space is both software partitioned (using the NTFS, FAT32, or FAT way of doing that) and formatted in one step - the formatting takes a lot longer than the software partitioning does, so people often assume they're just formatting - they're actually doing both things.

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October 12, 2011 at 12:16:28
actually this is what happened its working & i can still open it but when i'm trying to reformat it says unable to complete formatting sense then i cannot open my drive. how can i fix it now?

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October 12, 2011 at 12:21:46
actually my file is not important to me right now some important file i have a copy. all i want right now is to repair my drive even all the file will gone. is there any way i can fix it?

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October 12, 2011 at 12:57:05
Read ALL of response 3 here. I have added info to it after you made response 4 and 5.

If you can't delete the partition(s) and remake it (them) and software partition / format successfuly

- did you drop this external drive ?

- test the hard drive inside the external drive enclosure

Seagate's SeaTools will test (almost) any brand of hard drive.

Do the long test.

Only the Windows version of SeaTools can test the drive when it's in the external drive enclosure.

Or - it's probably a SATA hard drive. The hard drive can be removed from the external enlosure and connected to any desktop computer that has a working operating system on it that has a spare SATA header and SATA power connector - the sockets for those two things are the same size on both laptop sized (2.5") hard drives and desktop sized (3.5") hard drives.

Then test your hard drive with SeaTool's long test on the other computer - by using the bootable Dos version or the Windows version..

If the hard drive itself passes the test, any data problems on the drive can be fixed one way or another.

If the hard drive itself DOES NOT pass the test. you need to replace it, or get another external hard drive assembly.

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October 12, 2011 at 13:41:15
still i can detect my external hard drive is on the drive D: but i cannot open it. i did already formatting using windows 7 & XP but it saying unable to finished formatting. before its opening after transferring my files i try to reformat it but suddenly it says unable to finished formatting after that i cannot open already. on the file system it is RAW but it should be NFTS or FAT32 right?. i will try the sea tools may be it will work. is there still any possible way i can fixed it? thank you so much for the supports. i hope we can still fine something to repair my external drive. TC!!!!

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October 12, 2011 at 14:30:48
I have provided all the info I can think of to help you figure out how to fix your problem, if the hard drive is not failiig, and if the external drive enclosure is not damaged. PLEASE READ ALL OF IT as many times it takes for you to understand it !

If you have driopped the external drive, or if it's possible anyone else has, say so.
In that case, it's likely something was damaged. .
The external drive enclosure can be replaced cheaply. If the hard drive is laptop sized (2.5") it's a lot more likely it was damaged than if it is a desktop sized (3.5") hard drive (inside of the external hard drive enclosure) .

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October 12, 2011 at 14:46:29
thank you for helping me. i didn't drop it. if the warranty we are saying i think its not possible now i already open it and i'm using it right now without the box or enclosure. still i can detect my external drive from drive (d:) the problem i cannot open it. waiting for the result of sea tool. this is for the second time test still fail. thank you so much.. take care.

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October 12, 2011 at 15:53:19
Seagate Limited Warranty Returns Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) [202271]

Freeagent Go or Freeagent Desk has a 5 year warranty, however it says on that page.......

WARNING: Opening an external or network drive's external enclosure and/or removing the drive inside will void the warranty. Simply return the entire unit.


Q. Does Seagate repair drives that are out of warranty?
A. Seagate does not repair drives that are out of warranty.

"i'm using it right now without the box or enclosure"

Check your SATA data cables. The connector on each end should "latch" into the socket on the drive and on the mboard, or on the drive controller card - it should not move when you merely brush your hand against it near the socket - if it does, mere vibration can cause a poor connection of it - use another SATA data cable that does "latch", or tape the connector in place.
(There is a slight projection or bump on one side of the outside of the connector that "latches" it into the socket - it's easily broken off or damaged)

The same thing applies for the SATA power connection.

When the hard drive is connected internmally to a desktop computer (which eliminates the external enclosure's circuits as the cause of your problem(s)), if the SeaTools long test finds more than 99 errors, the test quits running, probably because Seagate knows from experience that if the drive has more errors than that, it's probably not possible to fix it with SeaTools.

A hard drive usually fails because the board on the drive has failed.

If you have any data on the drive that you can't replace that you don't want to lose, a data recovery expert will probably be able to recover at least some of the data that was on the drive, but that can cost a lot of money. In some cases the hard drive manufacturer has a service that will do that, sometimes it's for a flat rate, which may be cheaper than getting that done by other data recovery experts.
Usually if they can't recover any data at all, you are charged nothing, although they won't refund shipping charges in any case if you sent it to them, or if you want it sent back to you. .

- or - you could attempt to do part of what a data recovery expert would do yourself. Replace the drive's board with one that is compatible with the drive, and if that doesn't help, transfer the disk(s) (platter(s)) inside to another drive that is compatible with the disk(s) (platter(s)).
You have the best chance of obtainiing a compatible board or a compatible drive to install the platter(s) in yourself by buying exactly the same model of drive off off the web or locally, new or used, it doesn't matter as long as the drive you buy works fine.
However, that may not be enough to recover your data even if one of those things does work fine. You could try data recovery programs, but that might require special programs only data recovery experts have access to .
Opening up the drive and reving the disk(s) (platter(s)) usually requires oddball screwdriver tips - the screws are usually security type screws that are not easily removed otherwise - or other oddball tools, such as something to hold the disk(s) (platter(s)) still while removing the screws that hold it )them) in place on the motor spindle without harming the disk(s) (platter(s)).

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October 12, 2011 at 16:11:17
thank you,, i will try that two option you suggest. i will inform you if it work or not. but before that i will try some seagate software before i will work on your suggestion. thank you so much. you will here from me as soon as possible. take care & thank you.

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October 12, 2011 at 16:19:15
You can zerofill the drive with Seatools, or other hard drive diagnostic programs (some call it a low level format but that's a misnomer), but that wipes all data off the drive, and if the drive has anything but a small amount of errors in the long test, zerofilling it probably will not help - the problem will probably get progressively worse, probably because the drive's board is malfunctioning.
I've repaired two drives by zerofilling them with SeaTools but both had only one error in the long test.

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