First pc build. need some advice.

June 17, 2009 at 18:53:53
Specs: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, 997 MHz / 510 MB
Trying to build my first pc. not so simple but just trying to make a pc for media performance. video and audiophile. My question is can I transplant my 2 hard drives (primary Maxtor 52049H3) (MAXTOR S TM3250820A SCSI Disk Device)
and Optiarc DVD RW AD-5170A? Not sure if the mother board and case will work. Not sure how to match them up. The way I did was I matched " Micro ATX-Form Factor. here is what I want to combine.
1. ASRock A780GMH/128M AM2+/AM3 AMD 780G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard

2. HEC 6K28BBX585 Black 0.8mm SECC Steel MicroATX Mini Tower Computer Case 585W Power Supply
3. AMD Athlon 64 X2 7750 Kuma 2.7GHz Socket AM2+ 95W Dual-Core black edition Processor Model AD775ZWCGHBOX
Good i just realized you can replace the I/O shield.
4.HITACHI Deskstar P7K500 HDP725050GLA360 (0A35415) 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive - OEM
5.Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic SP1 64-bit for System Builders - OEM
6.Logitech Cordless Desktop EX 100 Black USB RF Wireless Standard Keyboard and Mouse

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June 17, 2009 at 19:27:10
Would you consider building an AMD system? You could practically build an entire system for the cost of the Q9550.

If not, you can do a hell of a lot better with the choices you made. Start with the case...$45 + $20 shipping = $65. Plus the 350W PSU isn't adequate, so add another $50 +/- for a decent PSU, now the case/PSU combo is up to $115.

The board you selected is overpriced & if you intend to run a SCSI drive, you're going to have to buy an adapter card. I'm sure you can find a cheaper one but the only adapter available at newegg costs $200.

Hey, I just refreshed the page & you've changed the configuration? Cheaper case but it still costs $20 to ship & you're gonna have to do a LOT better for the PSU.

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June 17, 2009 at 19:36:04
Truly the only parameters I have are DTS, HDMI AND OPTICAL OUTPUT. I'll hook it up to my home theater with a atsc tuner plus do some video editing.

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June 17, 2009 at 19:40:29
the only reason i use a scsi is for this pc. it is unable to read above 130gb and to increase above that I had to buy the scsi card. how much wattage do i need then. most important question is can I transfer my original hardware?

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June 17, 2009 at 19:44:36
Look at my list in response 1 in this thread:

You can eliminate the gaming video card & just use the onboard video, or you can add a Radeon HD 3450 for about $30 & run hybrid crossfire. Most HD 3450's are fanless so there'd be no added noise.

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June 17, 2009 at 19:51:34
"it is unable to read above 130gb"

You can't read over 130GB because you have an old motherboard. Get a modern board & the sky's the limit.

"how much wattage do i need then"

It's not just about wattage, it's about quality & amperage. The PSU you picked out is low end garbage & only have 16A on the +12v rail. The quad CPU you selected will gobble up 8A leaving only 8A for the rest of the hardware. That's not enough & leaves absolutely no room for error or future upgrades.

"most important question is can I transfer my original hardware?"

Which hardware? New boards only have one IDE channel...that means only two IDE drives. In your case, one HDD & one optical drive. And of course, Windows will have to be reinstalled.

How did you overlook this deal on a quality name brand case w/650W PSU that ships for free?

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June 17, 2009 at 20:12:47
Hmm. I guess I need another hard drive with windows. I'll move my dvd-rw and 250gb and buy another drive (sata). yeah the amd setup will work but the video card why would I need if it has a hdmi port. Isn't the onboard sufficient? My hd tv has a dvi connect but I just bought a Diamond S60 32MB DDR Radeon 7000 PCI so I could use that garbage software roxio.
I'm not goin to be gamin but yes in the future I may add a blueray burner.

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