Solved Firmware LITEON DRW-6S160P CD/DVD writer,

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April 16, 2015 at 03:50:41
Specs: Windows XP, HexaCore AMD FX-6100, 1400 MHz (7 x 200) / 4gb DDR
LITEON Wrong Firmware

Can someone help with my issue please ? I am struggling to find a solution to a problem with my LITEON DRW-6S160P CD/DVD writer, what happened was a few years ago about 2008 my drive stopped working so I downloaded some firmware which turned out to be the wrong firmware it was for a CD drive, I am not sure how this happened it might have been a misprint or malware firmware as I clearly searched for firmware for my drive.

Since that time I cleaned the drive and it works now for CD's only but not DVD's it turned out to be just dirt in the optics, I used to work on CD players back in the 90's fitting new lasers and calibrating them on oscilloscopes so have a lot of experience with lasers, I used a special technique for bathing the laser assembly in solution to clean them which has worked well on several other old DVD writers restoring failing reading of disks to 80% efficiency, now I am trying to find the right firmware to force flash it back as it should be but the flashing utility will not allow me to do so as it thinks its a CD ROM Temporary image share link of screen shot

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April 16, 2015 at 09:14:35
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mmm Have to say I think you are likely out of luck...

My limited experience with firmware flashing is that if it goes wrong... (for whatever reason) - that's it...

Have you had chat (email even) with Liteon to see if they can come up with resolution?

Mind you the cost of a new burner is likely to be not that much? I have relatively new/recent model Liteon eBAU108 which cost about £30 or so (UK) - and likely similar price in N.America (at least)? It works well (with both Mac and windows OS - which why I bought it).

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April 16, 2015 at 09:15:33
As you've discovered, correct firmware update will not run because you previously ran the wrong firmware on it. There's no going back.

The easiest fix is to simply replace the drive since they don't cost very much these days anyway, so it's not worth the hassle trying to fix one you've bricked.

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April 16, 2015 at 10:52:52
Thank Guys, Just discovered though it turns out the firmware is correct it is a new branded name of same hardware so no wonder I got it mistaken for the one I was after, found a partial solution on another forum albeit it looks like the drive is just bad anyway from a weak lasor but thanks for support.


If Dreams Come True Oleg Would be Famous so far he's very shy, so much for Being Famous ;)

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