Fine vertical coloured lines on LCD of lappy

Dell Studio laptop with intel core 2 duo...
April 16, 2011 at 07:15:53
Specs: Windows Vista, 4 gb
It suddendy happend yesterday whn while cleaning the lappy screen i sprayed a household cleaner(Colin) directly on lappy's screen and cleaned it wid dry cotton cloth but, than suddly after dat( i dont know if this can cause this particular lcd mistake) some 5 fine lines of pink and aqua blue colour appeared on the very left side of my lappy from just above the start menu and half inch nearby it, and my warrranty period has also lapsed, m very disappointed and worried bout the situation, everything else is just working absolutly fine. is the situation is goin to get much worser?

i counducted PSA diagnostics, and then LCD BIST, and while the test was in process i saw the exact pattern of 5 fine vertical lines through out the diagnostic test, also it got an error code-0334 and msg_error code_2000-0334, does this means that now those are permanent damage or say dead pixel lines on my LCD, will these patters will eventually increase if i do not bother to change my LCD, since its on the very left view of laapy and hardly appear on bright backgroud so dat does not bother me but on the darker bakground they are clearly seen. i have heard LCD repalcement takes almost half the cost of lappy :'( which is not worth!

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April 16, 2011 at 10:41:59
You NEVER spray anything directly onto the laptop screen, and you NEVER clean it with anything other than what it is recommended to clean it with !

If the problem does not go away on it's own after a day or so, you have damaged the LCD display.
I have no idea whether the problem will get worse.

Your laptop warranty DOES NOT cover damage caused by you doing something that caused un-intentional damage unless you purchased additional warranty coverage when you bought the computer that covers that.

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