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Fans Work, but computer wont even start up

October 27, 2010 at 18:22:16
Specs: windows 7, dont remember
So I'm helping my neighbor fix her computer and i know im most likely right but i need to get another input just to be sure :]

so i turn the computer on everything plugged in the harddrive leds come on for 2 or 3 seconds and go off the fan how ever will run till i unplug the pc. the screen wont connect to the computer it says "nothing connected" or whatever. so im fairly positive that its the PSU, correct? Im pretty good with computer programing but ive never been into building computers so yeah. she said that the computer one day just kinda shut off i guess and stopped working completely, it wouldent even power the fans or anything. it sat there for a while and i just checked on it tonight plugged it in got it to power the leds for a sec and the fans for a while.

SOOOOOOO just making sure, it is the power supply right? im fairly positive its not the hard drive, cpu, or mobo

i did clean everything off made sure everything was connected took the ram sticks out and cleaned them also took the little mobo battery out for a while and put it back in. tried disconnecting the hd's and starting it up and the same thing as above.

thanks for your help guys

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October 27, 2010 at 18:31:59
Did you open the case? If not, that's the 1st thing you need to do. Then blow out all the dust, especially any dust in the heatsinks & fans. Next, disconnect ALL the this point, all we're trying to do is get some sort of display on the monitor. Disconnect the hard drive, CD/DVD drives, floppy, remove any PCI cards, unplug all external devices (external drives, printer, scanner, speakers, mouse) except the keyboard....none of these items are required to boot a system. Now try booting up.

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