external disc driver not working

April 18, 2012 at 07:52:53
Specs: Windows XP
my external disc driver is not working anymore it keeps beeping

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April 18, 2012 at 12:54:18
If your external drive is beeping, then it is not getting enough power from your USB to spin, or the bearing of the drive has seized. Put your ear to the drive, do you hear a whirling sound? Go here, what sound is it making?


Try the drive on a different computer using the rear USB ports, and try it with a different USB cable.

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April 19, 2012 at 09:36:13
Surely it is the USB port which is broadcasting little energy, it happened to me with my external hard drive if the other usb port does not work, buy another USB cable that is specific to what you want

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April 19, 2012 at 15:41:19
I'm assuming you have NOT dropped the external drive.
If you HAVE dropped it, either the hard drive enclosure's circuits, or the hard drive itself inside of it, or both, could have been damaged.
If there's nothing wrong with the hard drive itself, hard drive enclosures are not expensive and are available locally.

The USB port you connect the external hard drive to MUST be able to supply 500 ma of current (amperage), otherwise the external drive will NOT be detected properly.

Info about that and external hard drive requirements in this:

Troubleshooting USB device problems including for flash drives, external drives, external memory card readers.
See Response 1:

I have three external drives - I used to have four.
When the external drive can't get enough current from the USB port it's connected to, thare is usually some kind of indicaion of that.
In my cases, either
- an led blinks that should be on constantly,
- or - an led that can be either of two colors is the wrong color.
In your case, it's quite possible that the external drive enclosure, not the hard drive inside of it, beeps when it can't get enough current.

For some desktop mboards you can have problems when an external hard drive is plugged into one of a pair of USB ports on the back of the case that are connected to the same USB controller, if there is another device plugged into the other USB port for the pair, because the pair can't actually supply 500 ma per port - they can only supply 500 ma in total. Usually those pairs of ports are one above the other, not beside each other. If you have two devices plugged into such a pair of ports, try plugging one of them in elsewhere on the back of the computer.

For MANY laptop and netbook mboards similar applies. The built in USB ports often cannot actually supply 500ma per port - they supply 500 ma in total for two ports that are close to each other. In that case, the external drive should work fine if it's the ony thing plugged into the USB ports built into the laptop or netbook, or if you have more than two ports, the only thing plugged into two ports close to each other.

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April 20, 2012 at 04:56:09
hello friends and thank you for ur response. i've tried everything u said in here but it still is not working, i connected to other usb entrances on my desktop computer and also laptop but its allways the same, it continues beeping and the red light looks normal it stays on and steady it doesnt flash. but it won't show up. as soon as i connect to computer it starts beeping and nothing also happens i cant c the folder or open it or nothing. im abit upset coz i have quite alot of work in there. Colleges work and also job's files. does any1 know if there is a way of at least get access to my files, mayb back it up? thank u all for ur help
p.s none of the sounds that Gretti has sent me on the webpage, looked like mine. The beep that my hard drive makes is like of a lorry going backwards beep beep beep...

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April 20, 2012 at 07:46:26
Have you, or is it possible someone else, dropped this external hard drive ?

Are you trying to get this external drive to work with a desktop computer, or a laptop or netbook ?

What is the make and model of the external hard drive if it was pre-packaged (the hard drive was already installed inside of it), or if you bought an external drive enclosure and installed a hard drive in that, what is the make and model of the external enclosure ?

If the external hard drive has a 3.5" drive installed in it, you MUST plug in the external power adapter that came with it into the external enclosure and that power adapter must be working and there must be nothing wrong with it's wiring or it's plug on the external enclosure end.

"im abit upset coz i have quite alot of work in there"

We hear similar frequently from people who start topics on this site.
If you have data you do not want to lose, you should store the same data in at least two different physical locations !.

If the circuits of the external enclosure are damaged, if there's nothing wrong with the hard drive inside of it, that hard drive will work fine if you remove it from the external enclosure and connect to a computer one way or another.

If it's a SATA hard drive, that's easy, The SATA power socket and SATA data socket are identical on all SATA drives. The drive can be connected internally to any desktop computer that has a SATA data header (by using a standard SATA data cable) and a spare SATA power connector on the power supply's wiring.

When you connect it to another computer, just don't boot from your hard drive on that computer.

If there's nothing wrong with the hard drive itself, hard drive enclosures are not expensive and are available locally.

FYI, it's quite RARE for the hard drive itself to beep, but that is possible. E.g. I heard a friend's desktop Maxtor hard drive do that while failing.

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