Solved exploding cd in external drive just inserted

Hewlett-packard Hp usb 2.0 external cd/d...
September 4, 2011 at 17:12:30
Specs: Windows XP, 4 gigs
just happened to me on my external hp dvd1270 52x burner. millions of tiny snowflakes. what I do not understand at all is 1. It is only 5 months old. 2. It was brand new cd (blank) and biggest brain fart is I put it in to burn photos on and walked to couch never even started the burning process. within 5mils of a second of putting disc in no spinning sound just BAM! Whats up with that? How could it explode when was not even spinning?

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September 4, 2011 at 18:39:25
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No one who answers here regularly is going to email you.

It is NOT a good idea to provide your email adress in ANY post on the web because there are malicious people and malicious programs constantly looking for email addresses to abuse.

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Optical drives always spin when the computer is running when you first insert a disk. It doesn't necessarily spin full speed, so it may not be audibly obvious it's spinning .

The CD or DVD probably had a crack in it, probably near the center hole, or on it's outer edge. Did you drop it ?

You need to take apart the external optical drive and remove all the pieces.

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September 4, 2011 at 19:28:59
I work on pcs for a living and admin on several release group sites for 25 years now. I actually discovered spyware on a game disc back in 97 and warned everyone and no one believed me and even could use any search engine and find not one site about spyware (could of made a fortune). I only put email in because thought no one could respond until I signed up. Actually had China peps try to hack my PC and (well lets say they did not try again after a few DOS attacks ::) I don't worry to much about my email accounts, had several friends accounts that were sending viruses looking like they came from him but were Russian born. I fixed em all and took over their email addys...

Thanks for the reply....but the disc was fresh outta spindle and I always check em for scratches and cracks before I burn because I spend a fortune on em editing photo shoots I do. Also the disc exploded as soon a drive closed, it was NOT spinning I can assure you.... it also was not miss aligned, it actually exploded so hard right as it closed it blew door all the way open....I burn over 100 DVDs a week on it and never burn faster than 16X because you will lose discs quick burning at 52X especially videos. I took a video of it right when it happened and you ca see it was like glitter everywhere.

I am contacting HP when they are open Tuesday and they are gonna replace it (sill has warranty) and have some explaining or they can talk to my wife and 2 children had the crap all over them, could have got hurt...

I really thank you for your quick reply but it was not spinning, cracked, chipped, dropped or even smudged... it was more like a plunger you push it down it go BOOM in same instant....

I am also a member of so and their sister site where we scam them back :)

Hope you can help me figure this out. Oh and as far as those Myth Boogers go I can prove they are idiots and are 100% wrong on half of their stupid shows.

Thanks again...have a great week....


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September 4, 2011 at 20:43:24
"Optical drives always spin when the computer is running when you first insert a disk."
If the tray was in all the way for any more than than a 1/4 second or so when this happened , it was spinning.
An internal optical drive doesn't even need the data cable to be connected for it to do that.
You should be contacting / going after the maker of the disk, not the maker of the external drive. Disks shouldn't do that if they weren't cracked in any case.

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