esystem 1201 laptop disassembly? +issues

October 18, 2011 at 07:26:57
Specs: Windows 7, intel core 2 6420, 2gb
I’ve been given a laptop to fix and am having a problem taking it apart to clean the heatsink and reapply thermal paste etc as i think the laptop is having over heating problems(TBC).

Anyone know what im missing i just cant seem to get the far back of the case to open its as though ive missed something a latch or screws or something along the whole of the back edge of the laptop?

Background info(just in case anyone has come across this issue):

it has been suffering with total freezes roughly 30mins (or less) after each boot. only a hard reset would work, then it would boot loop a few times, once i removed the power let it sit for a few mins then plug power back in it would then boot properly again and give me some time until it froze again.

Due to the freezing issue i did not want to risk a OS wipe and clean install.

Between freezes i have managed to install all but 2 windows updates (two days due to the constant freezing).

took laptop apart to clean dust / reapply thermal paste etc - could NOT get the back of the laptop case to split so put back together without doing anything (damn cheap branded laptops from companies that refuse to provide maintenance manuals! or obvious attachment methods!)

Ran chkdsk (errors reported i think),

vistas version of memtest (first froze on me, second after restart completed the normal (not enhanced - took too long) test)

SFC (errors, reported unable to fix???)

Reseated the RAM,

ran trendmicro online scan - detected one (troj Gen.RB4C4DA - trendmicro delt with it)

Running several HJThis programs following the steps over at majorgeeks.

FINALLY about half way through all this i took the battery pack out and have been running it on ac power, and also took the back (underside) access hatch panel off (noticed it seemed to not freeze) so have just been running it like this to get the log files etc. once i know it is clean i will put them back on/in and test one at a time see if the problem occurs.

Oh and today just ran memtest86+ upto 4 passes without errors reported, (again with battery and access hatch open).


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October 19, 2011 at 12:35:54
That looks like an unsupported system, or the company isn't doing business anymore:

As far as putting it back together, well...without some online pics or diagrams, we can't assist there.

As far as the system, CHKDSK will log it's findings in the Application portion of Windows Event Viewer (if you can get into Windows).

A better test for the HDD would be to run a HDD (hard disk drive) diagnostic test with the HDD manufactures diagnostics tool via a bootable floppy or CD disk:
- Western Digital: DataLifeGuard,
- Maxtor/Seagate: SeaTools
- Fujitsu: FJDT (Fujitsu Drive Test).
- Hitachi: HDFT (Hitachi Drive Fitness tester).
- Samsung: HUTIL.
- Toshiba (may not have a HDD utility): SeaTools or HDFT may work though.

As far as testing RAM, to be thorough - test if for many passes (depending on what utility you use) which could take hours. Test with one DIMM in the system at a time, and test each DIMM in each memory slot (time consuming yes, but it's the best way to test RAM).

If you can see the motherboard, or get it out of the system case, check the motherboard closely for damage, burns, ruptured or swollen capacitors, broken circuitry, bad/broken cables or connectors, inspect the memory modules contacts for issues as well as the memory slots for damage as well.

MOOOOooove! OH and you're welcome!

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October 31, 2011 at 07:39:52
Thanks for the reply am sorry its taken me a while to get back to you ive not been well.

as far as i am aware it was purchased from pc world and as you pointed out they appear to not be producing the system any more.

i think i may have misworded something, its not that i cant get it back together, its that i can get the laptop fully apart.

ive managed to have the laptop running for a good 3 days solid proped up for a little more airflow and with the conditions described above, also managed to have it running for a good 24 hours with battery and access hatch back on.

am still thinking that it is definatly running too hot. but at this stage i had to give the laptop back for a assignment that needed to be completed by the owner. i should be getting it back in the newt few days or so. i will then post pictures etc of the laptop to see if anyone can identify the model / figure out full dissassembly.

i will also retest the ram for longer than 4 passes with memtest86+, and run a proper hdd test program as suggested.

although the system appeared to be stable when i gave it back im fully expecting this issue to reoccure as i never did get to the bottom of why it was happening- and that is frustrating.


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