error in cmos- bad check

Toshiba satelite / T1910cs
August 11, 2009 at 12:03:24
Specs: Windows XP
ERROR IN CMOS BAD CHECK How do i cure this?

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August 11, 2009 at 12:49:16
If you have just flashed the bios and got this error after rebooting, go into the bios Setup, set the time and date if they are incorrect, load bios defaults, save settings, reboot, then you should no longer get that message while booting.

You should always load bios defaults after flashing the bios because flashing usually does not do that automatically, and in that case the contents of the cmos may not match the bios version.

If you have just flashed the bios and got this error after rebooting, AS WELL AS Boot Block Bios Loaded or similar, then your flash has FAILED, or you used the wrong bios version or flash utility version. You MAY or may NOT be able to recover from that.

If that's not your situation, probably, your cmos battery is either too weak (not enough voltage) , dead (no voltage); installed backwards, or connected backwards, (wrong polarity); or it's not getting a proper connection to the contacts in it's socket (corrosion or bent contacts) .
In that case
- the time and date in the bios Setup will be set to defaults rather than their correct value, as well as any user customized settings.
- you can usually continue to use your computer, once you set at least the date and time - any changes to settings you make in Setup will be retained if you reboot the computer, BUT they will be lost again when the computer is shut down, you will get the message again the next time you boot, and have to set at least the date and time.
In the case of a laptop, the cmos battery may be rechargable - in that case if your computer is older and has been sitting un-used for a while, you may need to charge the cmos battery, which is done automatically when the AC adapter has been connected for a while, then it will have enough voltage, and after you re-set the bios Setup settings once (at least the time and date) you won't get the message while booting again, if the battery is then okay.

If the message doesn't go away even after connecting the AC adapter for a while, after you re-set the bios Setup settings once (at least the time and date), then you need to get a replacement cmos battery and install it.
If you would like to see how to do that yourself, see the service manual for your model, if you can find one, or search for directions about how to remove and replace it on the web. Otherwise, have the people at laptop repair place do that for you - that's a frequently replaced item.

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August 11, 2009 at 13:36:43
If you have removed AC power from your PC and the motherboard battery is dead, that will also cause the message. If that's the case, replace the motherboard battery.

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