Solved Epson Stylus SX130 printer printing wrong colors

February 4, 2012 at 07:38:28
Specs: Windows 7
when i print a black photo it prints out purple and uses the blue ink cartrage (i know this becasue the blue estomated ink level gose down) and the printer has a black cartrage it hase some setting but i dont know what ones right please help would really appreciate your help

printer - epson sx130
ink - T1281 BLACK
T1282 CYAN

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February 4, 2012 at 10:46:03
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Your problem is probably NOT caused by any software setting.

It may be possible to plug the cartridges into the wrong position on the printer.
Make sure each cartridge is in the right place.
If any were in the wrong place, it will take a while for the incorrect color of ink to be flushed from the print head nozzles after you have corrected that problem.

Printers that have one or more color cartridge(s) and one black cartridge often use the color cartridge(s) to print black for some purposes rather than the black cartridge.
E.g. for photos it may use only the color cartridge(s) to provide black; for black text it uses just the black cartridge.
When it does use the color cartridge(s) to provide black, if any of the color carrtridge(s) output ports or the specific inkjet passages for it aren't working properly, the result will not be black. E.g. Cyan (blue) plus Magenta (red) without Yellow, or possibly not enough red or blue = purple.

Your SX130 is actually an all-in-one, not just a printer.

For all inkjet printers and all-in-ones that I know of that have more than two cartridges, the cartridges are merely ink tanks, and the printer has a one piece print head built into it, with specific inkjets for each ink color and black.

You probably have a problem with one or more cartridges (e.g. you have let the ink outlet port dry out, or old ink may develop precipitate in it, particularly if it's pigment rather than dye based), or more likely a problem with the nozzles for one or more color or black in the print head being partially clogged

Test your print heads nozzles. You may also need to run (a) cleaning cycle(s).

Go to Control Panel - (set it to display as large icons or small icons) - Printers (and Faxes ?) - RIGHT click on your printer model, select Properties, and find the Nozzle test and run it, for all of your colors and black. Run it as many times as it takes to get a good result. You may need to run a Cleaning cycle or a Deep cleaning cycle (uses more ink).

Better still, web sites that provide printer ink and replacement generic cartridges often have test pages you can print that will test your printer's output more throughly - they are pictures or patterns that have all the colors, or large blocks of the colors and black.

Your problem is most often caused by you letting the outlet port on the cartridge be exposed to air too long when it's out of the printer and uncovered, or by the ink inlet port for the ink color or black on the print head being exposed to the air for too long when there's no cartridge installed.
When a cartridge runs out of ink, DO NOT remove it for any more than an hour or so until you have another new cartridge, or have refilled the same cartridge, to install to replace it with.

If the ink outlet port area on the cartridge has dried out
- dab it with a tissue until the whole area is wet with ink
- you may need to drip a few drops of water on it to get it to properly saturate that area.

The second most common cause of your problem is not using all the colors often enough. Try to remember to print something that has all the colors at least once every two weeks or so.

In some cases, if you have tried everything yet the result still isn't up to snuff, if you let the printer sit for a while - e.g. overnight - then test it again the problem may be gone.
E.g. insufficient ink output of one color that had run out previously may be fine the next day.

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