easynote wont start, but did do now

Packard bell / Easynote mit-rhea-c
April 3, 2009 at 10:47:32
Specs: Windows XP, 256
hi all,
My laptop wont start, when i press the power on switch the lights go on and the fan spins for about 3 seconds then the fan stops and lights stay on,

i troubleshooted a few different things such as changed the ram, hard drive and tried it with/without battery/adaptor,
The adaptor was charging the battery and the battery was holding its charge when being powered on its own

Whilst trying to solve the cause and ruling out possible problems i managed to get it to work ok by just temporaly disconnecting the fan, obviously i only did this breifly but long enough to give me a display and to see that it worked fine, so i turned it off and re-connected the battery, tried again, and still worked fine,

Then when putting it all back together like the cases etc i noticed that the black cable that connects to the wifi card was damaged and not connected and subsequently possibly grounding on the body, and so i assumed this was the problem as it wasnt touching the body when i got it to work,
So i replaced the cable and connected as should be done,
not until about half way thru this task did it occur to me that this cable is only a signal and nevertheless unneccesary and not the cause of my problem, lol, silly mistake, i know.

However this brings me to it current status after putting it all back together it has also put me back to square 1 again and i cant get it to start again, and is the same as it was when it first went wrong,
Can any1 help???????
Sorry about long post and i hope its detailed enough and i havent missed anything out,
All help and suggestions are much apprieciated, thanks

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April 4, 2009 at 07:51:00
Is the fan turning freely? Is the inside of the laptop dusty? What about the air inlet vents?

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