DVD ROM Problem

August 27, 2009 at 09:31:50
Specs: Windows Vista
i am using ASUS laptop and i have problems reading any CD or DVD (MATs---A DVD RAM)...whenever i insert a cd or dvd it doesnt read..when i double click the DVD ROM icon i will prompt PLS INSERT CD in which i have inserted already.

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August 27, 2009 at 10:28:05
State the model of your Acer.
On most laptops the specific model is on a label on the outside of the case somewhere, usually on the bottom.

On some laptops, the optical drive is in a module you can plug in or unplug - if that's your situation, make sure it's pushed in all the way - you'll probably have to reboot the computer after doing that if you were in Windows when you did that.

If that doesn't apply, or if it does but that doesn't help...

- the laser lens may be too dirty -
eject the drive's tray and (when there's no disk on it) if you can then see the laser lens on the tray, clean the laser lens with a tissue or a soft cloth.
If you can't see the laser lens, use a laser lens cleaning CD in the drive. If you don't have one, many places that sell computer cds and dvds or parts have them, and some "dollar" stores have them for a buck or two.

- if that doesn't help, optical drives do not last forever, and none of them have had a warranty of longer than one year for a long, long time.
The most common thing that has happened when the mboard and Windows can no longer recognize any disk in the drive is the sleeve bearings in the drive's motor have worn to the point there is so much friction produced when the motor tries to spin that the motor can no longer achieve spinning at 1X, the original audio CD speed, or, eventually, the motor will no longer spin at all.
If the drive no longer spins a disk that's obvious - you'll hear nothing when you insert a disk that indicates it's spinning.
If a drive is spinning a disk too slowly, or if it tries to spin a disk then quits doing that when it can't get to the 1X speed that's harder to determine.
Usually there's no indication in Device Manager there's anything wrong with the drive when the motor doesn't spin or spins too slowly. If there is a yellow ! or a red X beside the drive, on a laptop, that probably indicates the drives circuit board is damaged, and/or one or more lasers or the circuits on the board for them is burnt out, which is rather rare in comparison to the problem of the motor not spinning properly.

The drive is definately malfunctioning if you insert a disk it was designed to read if...
- the led on the front of it comes on and stays on for a lot longer than usual when you first insert a disk, or it comes on and then blinks on and off for a long while when you first insert a disk (you probably have a motor bearing problem, or the laser(s) or the circuits for the laser(s) are burnt out)
- the led does not light up at all when you first insert a disk (the board for it is damaged )

The mboard's bios does not require any of the software on the hard drive in order to be able to detect a bootable disk. If the boot order settings are correct in the mboard's bios Setup (set so the bios will detect a bootable disk in an optical drive), the bios should detect a bootable CD or DVD while booting early in the boot sequence, and you should see "Press any key to boot from CD" or similar when it does detect it, or if the hard drive has no operating system on it, or for a few disks, the computer will auto boot from the bootable disk.
If that doesn't happen, the drive is malfunctioning.

You don't necessarily have to buy a replacement drive from Acer or the same drive model - there are lots of new generic drives available on the web and some are better than what you presently have - they just need to be compatible with installing them in your Acer model.

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August 27, 2009 at 15:34:34
i am using ASUS laptop model A8M, windows vista...it first happens when i try tu burn a file...but the space was not enough and i try to cancel it but in the middle of cancelling there was a blackout and my laptop shuts down...after i restarted it i cnt play anythng on my DVD ROM which when i double click the DVD ROM icon the dvd tray will open and prompt pls insert cd which i did but still cannot read or play anything it will just prompt again and again to pls insert cd whenever i double click it.

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August 28, 2009 at 01:08:47
"...there was a blackout and my laptop shuts down...."

If you had the AC adapter plugged in at the time that happened and the AC power went off, power failure events often produce power spikes and surges that can damage a computer or anything connected to it, especially if the power failure was caused by a lightning strike near you or on the AC power grid anywhere near your location.
Normally the laptop should not have shut off when that happened if the main battery had at least a minimal charge on it. If the main battery DID have a sufficient charge on it, something on your laptop is probably damaged. If you're fortunate, you'll only need to replace the optical drive. I recommend you have a laptop repair place examine it .
As far as the optical drive itself is concerned, see my info in response 1, but if the laptop is damaged otherwise some of the symptoms I descibed may not apply because something else is damaged. .

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August 28, 2009 at 09:37:38
there was a change in power supply but i forget to shut it down..usually when im on AC i remove the battery. but i thnk it was a bad idea...i tried to push the optical drive all the way and reboot but still the same...the optical lens is clean and i use the lens cleaning cd but nothng happens. whenever i right click on the DVD ROM drive icon (open, open auto play, explore) it appears that there is a cd on the drive but there is none. i thnk i have to bring it on service for repair. thnks for the advice.

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August 28, 2009 at 10:59:05

Are you sure it's not A8N?

"there was a change in power supply but i forget to shut it down.."

What power supply? Do you mean you unplugged the AC adapter and plugged in another one, or what?

"...usually when im on AC i remove the battery. but i thnk it was a bad idea...."

Older laptops will run on the AC adapter alone, but most if not all more recent laptops WILL NOT!

If you did NOT have a AC power failure event when an AC adapter was plugged in, the most likely thing is the data in Windows is damaged.

See info in my post above starting at
"The mboard's bios does not require any of the software on the hard drive..."

After you have read and understood that...

If you insert a bootable disk in the drive, boot the computer, and choose booting from it, and that works fine, there's probably nothing wrong with your optical drive - you need to fix Windows data problems caused by you not shutting down the computer before the computer lost it's power source.

"it appears that there is a cd on the drive but there is none"

Windows is not necessarily detecting there's a disk. The drive icon with the CD on it showing up for an optical drive's drive letter in My Computer doesn't neccessarily indicate the drive has a disk in it - it merely indicates Windows has detected the optical drive is there.
If the disk that's inserted is supposed to have a title (volume label) in Windows, which is usually the case for original pre-made disks, and that title doesn't show up in My Computer or Windows Explorer beside the optical drive's drive letter, that indicates Windows can't read the disk in the optical drive, for whatever hardware or software reason.

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August 30, 2009 at 04:26:09
when i insert a cd it or dvd i can hear the oprical drive turning after a few minutes i double the DVD ROM drive icon and it will prompt pls insert cd...i thnk it cause the optical drive to stop responding when it was interrupted while cancelling the burning process...there might be an error but i cannot find where to find it and fix it

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August 30, 2009 at 08:04:04
You have supplied very little info, so I don't know what the hexx you have tried or have not tried other than what you've said or what the symptoms are if any the drive has that I told you of in my first response.

See the first part of response 5
- if the dive does not work properly while booting using a bootable CD and the boot order settings are correct, the drive is damaged and has to be replaced.
- if the drive DOES work properly while booting using a bootable CD, the boot order settings are correct, and the drive is OK, and you need to fix problems with your Windows data, and I can suggest things to try.

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