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Microsoft Windows xp home edition sp2b
October 2, 2009 at 07:01:08
Specs: Windows XP, pentium 4, 1gb
Have 2 hard drives. One has WinXP and One is partitioned into 3 and C: is running WIN98.
Bootup defaults to XP which is what I want. The partitioned hard drive is now faulty and I no longer need 98. Can I just take out the hard drive with it on? and if so what happens to XP? help please.

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October 2, 2009 at 11:49:14
The boot files are on the C: drive, so if you remove that drive you will no longer be able to boot anything.

If the Win98 drive is defective and you have a CD that you can boot the 'Recovery Console' from, I 'think' you could replace the Win98 drive, and use the Recovery Console to do a FixMBR and Fixboot. But I have never tried that.

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October 2, 2009 at 13:38:43
I'm not quite sure if I have this right, best I can see, you have 1 drive with XP and another with Win 98 and it's the Win 98 drive that is faulty.
If the drive with XP is good, then after removing the faulty drive, set bios to boot from cd first and boot in with the XP cd when prompted, press R to repair a Windows XP installation.
To fix MBR, type fixmbr at the command prompt.
Type y and ENTER to fix the MBR.
Type exit to leave the recovery console and reboot.

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October 2, 2009 at 19:37:05
Go into the bios Setup and see which hard drive is first in the boot order. If there is only one hard drive listed there, find the list near where the boot order settings are - the models of the hard drives are probably listed. If the top hard drive listed is the one XP is on, you just remove the hard drive 98 is on . The multiboot choices will still be there when you boot - the Win 98 choice just won't be valid anymore.

(If the XP drive is IDE you may need to change the jumper setting on the back of the drive too, if it was on the same data cable as the 98 IDE drive).

You can remove the second operating system choice from the multiboot menu by simply editing boot.ini in XP.

Control Panel - System - Advanced - Startup and Recovery - Edit - you MUST maximize the window
The default choice is listed at or near the top of boot.ini - since you say that's XP, you want to delete the entire line below [operating systems] that is NOT the same as the default one.
(e.g. if there only two lines below [operating systems], if the first one is the same choice as the default, delete only the lower one)

Choose File in the top left corner - Save.

If after editing boot.ini there is now only one operating system listed after [operating systems] in boot.ini, after you reboot, your computer will now boot without prompting you to select operating systems.

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