Dropped laptop with blue background.

June 13, 2011 at 10:47:45
Specs: Windows Vista 32 bit, 2 GB, 1.70 GHz AMD 64x2
Have a Medion 96340 laptop. I dropped it while it was open. It hit on the front left edge of the bottom, cracking the case. At first there appeared to be nothing wrong with it other than cosmetically. Then, it began having an aqua blue background on all screens vs. white. The Desktop screen also had the blue mixed in but the picture has what looks like different layers of a mountain outline in it now. I can read everything, just makes the pictures, etc. look like crap. It also seems to get hotter more often now and the thermostat shuts it down. Also, on occasion, when starting it back up, it will tell me it cannot find the operating system and sounds like it's stuck on a certain spot on the harddrive. All I have to do is restart it and it goes on into the operating system like it's supposed to. What do you think it will take to fix it? Thanks!

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June 13, 2011 at 19:07:16
To fix, more than the laptop is worth. If it was off, better chance to repair.
It sounds like the cooling fan / system may have a leak or restriction. That's $75 plus most laptops. Not sure if the mainboard or display is also bad. I'm leaning toward the display. The hard drive isn't looking to good either. Now you're so close to 50% of a new one, might just as well get the best bang for the buck.
Might consider one of those industrial laptops that you can drop once or twice without issue. They sense the fall and shut down before they hit the ground. Kinda cool!

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