Don't startup windows and frezes whit linux

August 10, 2011 at 15:40:12
Specs: Windows XP/7, E5300/2GB
My BioStar G31-M7 TE don't boot the hard drive with windows XP/7 after installation with Acronis Recovery the system frezes on startup, sometimes the Acronis frozen to, whit original bootble Windows CD doenst start the instalation, whit Linux Live CD it start well, when testing HDD on other computers it works fine, the CPU also and memory to. I allready reinstall BIOS system to the lasted BIOS version. This hardware have work fine for 7 months! Any idea what could be happend?

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August 10, 2011 at 19:16:44
I know you said the memory was OK, but how do you know? If you have not then run Memtest86 through ALL tests to completion. ANY errors is cause to reject the memory stick. If you get an error, repeat for each stick one at a time.
Test hard drive IN the computer conclusively with the hard drive utility you can download from the hard drive mfg's website (make bootable disk like Memtest above).
Did you try a Windows 7 start up repair from the install disk? Do.
Did you clear CMOS with jumper after updating your BIOS? Do.
Are you sure you selected the correct BIOS update for your board AND your version number (this is very important). Was there a specific reason you did the BIOS update? There is always a risk in updating the BIOS and should be done only when you need to fix a problem or allow you to use more updated CPU or hardware.
What are the Voltage readings in your BIOS? Are all of the voltages (3.3V, 5V, 12V) reading within 10% of ideal spec's? If not then your power supply is questionable at best.
Have you tried yet to reinstall Windows 7?
After all hardware tests are complete and the repair and reinstall does not help either, then check if the motherboard is under any warranty.

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August 10, 2011 at 20:17:34
Thanks for replay but all test you ask to do I have allready made, test the memorys, hard drive test done without errors, the voltages are all correct, the BIOS update have been made because could be that the problem but doesn't solve the problem it still in the same. The PC only runs Linux Live CD and Acronis Backup/Recover CD with XP that makes the restore but when starting Windows it frezes on Startup logo and another DVD with Windows 7 that allways freze, I Have try to boot by Pen Drive Litle XP without sucesse, the Original Boot DVD from Microsoft Windows 7 and XP doesn't work in this PC in Others PC works fine, under Linux I have copy all files and folders from Windows XP and Windows 7 whitout sucesse to all hardware have been tested with the apropriated programs and returns without any errors even the motherboar that works in technical representative of Biosstar whit hardware equal that I have, so they don't give new one saying the motherboard is working ok but the true is the PC doesn't respond to startup and when it makes the startup only in XP it frezes, try to make F8 freze, I don't know what to do more the PC was working whit an surveylance card that is allready out of the PC.

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