Does anyone have link to download older HP BIOS version

December 18, 2011 at 22:26:57
Specs: Windows XP, 128MB
I need to downgrade the Bios on my HP Pavilion 6630 because It won't do the POST Normal beep anymore when I boot it up. It wouldn't beep anymore since I updated the BIOS. I tried resetting the CMOS and It didn't solve the Problem. I looked on youtube for slimar models with the BIOS Update and They Still Beep. I want My HP Pavilion 6630 to beep again like it originally did. FYI: I've owned the PC since it was new.

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December 18, 2011 at 22:37:12
Any available bios upgrades will be on the HP support page for your model.

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December 18, 2011 at 22:38:36
Does it boot up ( minus the beep) and run normally?

If so then I suggest leave it alone. You have successfully completed one un-necessary bios flash. You are tempting fate to attempt another.

Goin' Fishin' (Some day)

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December 18, 2011 at 23:06:58
HP lists several Pavilion 6630 computers. I checked a few for their downloads but didn't find any that had bios upgrades. So I'm wondering, where did you get the bios update that you used?

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December 18, 2011 at 23:14:40
Older than what? You don't say what BIOS version you are running so it's anyone's guess whether another one is newer or older. Anyway, if it's running OK then leave well enough alone.

HP do list one BIOS download on their web site.

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December 19, 2011 at 05:31:35
Why did you update the BIOS in the 1st place? What happens when you attempt to bootup now - does anything appear on the screen or is it completely blank? If it's blank, that's probably all she wrote. If you get any kind of display on the screen, there may be hope for you. Or does it work & you're just concerned about the lack of beep?

Here's the BIOS download page. Did you follow the instructions exactly?:

And here's the system specs:

Face it, your system is an antique. It's time to get something that was built after the new Millennium. The motherboard only supports a max of 256MB RAM & I see you only have 128MB? You should NOT be running XP on that system.

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December 19, 2011 at 08:48:19
I have the latest bios version 3.07.

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December 19, 2011 at 08:50:58
I want my to beep again like it originally did.

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December 19, 2011 at 13:08:12
There were no bios updates listed on the driver and software page for the 6630. I guess you have to do a search for the motherboard to find any.

Anyway, if that is the one you used then this might be the earlier version:

Seems like a lot of trouble just for a beep, even assuming the loss of the beep is due to the upgrade.

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December 19, 2011 at 18:37:01
I have the latest BIOS update which is 3.07 9-17-01.

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December 19, 2011 at 20:14:24
Yes, you've already posted that information. You said you wanted an older version. I believe the link in my # 8 is it

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December 19, 2011 at 20:27:38
Ok, I'll Try. But the Link says It's For Windows ME and I have Windows XP installed on the PC

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December 19, 2011 at 20:40:39
That doesn't matter. You just need a bootable floppy disk. You could also use a 95 or 98 bootdisk.

Edit Let me download it and take a look at it first.

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December 19, 2011 at 20:54:06
There are instructions in the readme.txt file in the download telling how to use an XP floppy bootdisk so I imagine you can create the disk the same way you did when you did the previous upgrade.

Or I can make you a 98 bootdisk image file with the bios update files on it and email it to you, just to make sure it gets done right. Let me know.

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December 19, 2011 at 21:27:05
Hey, the release notes list the previous bios update versions. The release notes for the 3.07 update start with an initial release of version 3.00. It doesn't show that 2.11 is a previous version. So the download I linked to may not be for that motherboard.

So you might want to rethink using it.

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December 19, 2011 at 21:49:48
OK, Can You send me the link of the Release Notes that list the Prevous bios update versions? I should download a previous version from the release notes list so it will be safer than using the update that you linked me.

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December 19, 2011 at 22:30:31
The release notes are in the bios upgrade download. But to save time I'll copy them here:

3.07 09/17/01
1) Fix the problem that when a CPU frequency multiplier that
is too high for unlocked CPU, the CMOS value can't be changed
until AC power cord is unplugged
2) Fix the problem that if the PS/2 mouse or keyboard event
occurs while entering to S1 state then the PS/2 mouse or
keyboard event can't awake the computer from S1 In the
W2K and WinXP.

3.06 08/30/01
1) Fix that the tualatin celeron(FSB 100MHz) processor is
recognized as the Pentium III type
2) Modify BIOS SETUP by HP XP BIOS spec. 3.02
: Remove the options for floppy disk controller
3) Change the USB lowest wakeup capability from S4 to S1
4) Fix the PnP OS option problem
: The BIOS assigns IRQ to onboard device(audio codec)
even though PnP OS is enabled.

3.05 08/17/01
1) Fix the USB KB issue on boot menu
: The USB KBD doesn't work on Boot menu by ESC key
2) Fix the HCT 10.0 Error
: FoxFire test error - PME_status bit was not set to 1

3.04 08/10/01
1) Support Tualatin processor
2) Make one BIOS for Fresno and Pinole
:Decide LPC_PME pin by SIO GP40 (Fresno:GPI6, Pinole:GPI11)
3) The default language is controlled by the contents of
the DMI system product name string(New tattoo format is applied)
4) Fix the KBD/mouse wakeup event problem from WinXP S1 state
:The user has to press a key(or mouse click) twice to wake-up from WinXP S1 state
5) Fix the HCT 9.6 unreported memory error in Win ME
6) Modify BIOS SETUP by HP XP BIOS spec. 3.02
- Remove 360KB and 1.2MB options in Legacy Diskette A menu
- Add the option for onboard video memory
- Remove the option for Large Disk Access Mode
- PCI configuration menu shows by F11 key
- Change the order of Removable Device Priority and Hard Drive Priority

3.03 07/19/01
1) display manufacturing ID of IDE
2) fix cheetah modem error under WinXP
3) change setup string "Installed O/S" to "Plug and Play OS"
4) change setup string "Frequency Ratio" to "CPU Multiplier"

3.02 07/10/01
1) Remove LBASSIST
2) Define SCI interrupt in APIC Table
(to work Power button properly under APIC enabled)

3.01 06/29/01
1) Change GPI of LPC_PME#
2) Remove S3 option in the Setup

3.00 06/24/01
Initial release

Note that 2.11 is not listed as a prior version. There are no file names for the previous versions it does list so it's going to be hard finding their downloads.

I also found this:

It's supposed to be old HP bios' that HP no longer has available for download. I guess you have to be a yahoo member in order to get to the page so I didn't check it out.

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December 20, 2011 at 08:48:37
I clicked on the link and it said the group doesn't exist. Can you email me those old versions?

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December 20, 2011 at 16:27:11
I don't have them. The link was posted on a site 5 or 6 years ago and I only went as far as Yahoo's sign in request.

Since the file for the 3.07 upgrade was fresnocognac_307 I though maybe the others were similarly named; that is 3.06 might be fresnocognac_306, etc. but I got no hits when applying that method to all the other versions. So I don't know what the bios files may be named or even if they're available anywhere.

If you try the 2.11 bios one of three things will happen; It's the right version and will work OK, it's the wrong version and won't install or it's the wrong version and will install and will wreck your motherboard.

There's a discussion here where someone upgraded from 2.11 to 3.07 and it worked OK:

but as they say, 'your results may vary'. Strongly consider just leaving things as they are.

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December 20, 2011 at 22:27:55
I think I should leave it alone because The Silmar Models that I looked on Youtube have the Version before 3.07 with the New Logo.

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