Dell laptop Monitor Problems!

May 16, 2010 at 11:27:13
Specs: Windows 7
-Computer- Dell Inspirion 1501 (PP23LA)
-Running OS- Windows 7 32BIT
-Type- It is a laptop Computer

~~ Random Info you Might Need to Know ~~

-- No recent changes to the computer
-- No beeps on powering up
-- Runs like normally would
-- Works with a external monitor
-- Led lights, fan, all are working
-- Hibernate Mode "off"
-- Sleep mode "off"
-- Has no battery in computer
-- Runs off the AC Power Cord

~~ Some Problems ~~

-- Goes to sleep randomly when monitor turns on
-- Randomly wakes up from sleep mode
-- When wakes up from sleep monitor will turn on and then it will go to sleep then wake up again and do the same thing.
-- Monitor is black and wont come on
-- If it comes on goes right back to sleep

~~ Things that I have Tried ~~

-- Removed graphics card driver and reinstalled
-- Taking out battery, power adapter, hold power button for 30 seconds
-- Changed sleep/Hibernate settings to "Never"

~~ Heres Some info about my Problem ~~

My problem is that when you turn on the computer the monitor will show no picture and will not come on. A while back the computer would turn on from sleep mode and the screen would be dim for like 5 seconds and then turn on fully. I dont know if that was a sign up this problem coming up. I have removed the graphics card driver and seen if it would boot up but it did the same. I then reinstalled the graphics driver and still the monitor didnt turn on. The computer is still on, fans and lights are on. At points the computer monitor would turn on for around 5 seconds then it would go off and the computer would go to sleep. You then would have to hit the power button to wake it up. Sometimes the screen would be on but after a while the screen dont turn on anymore. Once the computer goes to sleep if you let it go for around 5 mins the computer will sometimes wake up and the screen will be on. But not for long after its on the computer will go back to sleep. When im on the computer using the external monitor if the main monitor does not turn on the computer will remain on the whole time. But if it does then it will end up going into sleep mode. Once in sleep mode it will wake itself up and monitor will turn on in about 5 seconds. When it turns on it will go back to sleep again after it does. This will keep doing this till I turn it off.

If you need anymore information just ask and I will give it to you. Tryed to explain the best I can sorry if it was not good enough. Thanks to anyway that helps!

Sorry it seems very hard to understand.. Comment me if im wrong cause tryed to make it organized sorry!

Thanks Everyone!

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May 16, 2010 at 12:14:50
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October 18, 2010 at 04:34:13
Moniotr display showing "lines" going from top to bottom. Distorting desktop icons, I tried reset, changing resolution, color scheme. Nothing worked, problem getting worse. E-machine monitor

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