Dell laptop Battery plugged in & not charging

Dell Dell inspiron 6400 battery
July 2, 2010 at 12:47:02
Specs: Windows XP

I recently bought a new battery for my Dell
Inspiron 6400. It was detected by my laptop
however it won't charge at all.

I had taken the laptop overseas, and had
problems with the AC adapter. The power
there is 220, compared to North America
where it's 110.

Whenever I plugged it in, the light on the AC adapter sometimes wouldn't come on. I would have to repeatedly plug it in and out until the
light came on.

Some help please? Is this a AC adapter
problem or a battery problem?


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July 2, 2010 at 12:56:56
You must use an AC adapter made for use for the AC voltage where you plug it in.

If you haven't already fried something....

Laptop no video (or video problems), and battery, AC adapter, power jack T shooting.

See response 1:

Laptop main batteries usually work as they should for a year or so, then they begin to rapidly deteriorate. From what I've seen, by two years they cannot be charged to anywhere near their full capacity, and it gets worse after that.
They often develop internal shorts when they are older. If the battery gets HOT rather than just warm after you have attempted to charge it for at least a half hour, it's definitely internally shorted and you must replace it. Internally shorted batteries getting too hot have been known to cause the laptop to catch on fire.

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September 22, 2010 at 20:04:27
I had bought a second battery for my HP dv6000 after it had got to 0% not charging and a new battery did the same thing in a couple months.

Yesterday, I noticed I had got up to 1% not charging and found that it was shutting down PC with AC cord in and laptop battery in, take out battery, put it back in. Did it 2 times and second time charge light came on steady and it charged. Seems like when powered down, the charger has a chance of working when putting a battery back in with the power connected as it takes a number of seconds to react with the laptop battery charger light. Taking battery in and out when powered on doesn't seem to help.

Wonder if it letting it get down to 0% that causes the trouble? Also as a precaution, I remove the baterry after I power it down.

The Hp battery check is junk always recommending to "calibrate" the battery. Also tried re-installing ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery, no change.

3 Cheers for trial and error! HP laptops have problems with their charger systems!

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November 19, 2010 at 18:57:46
Hi Guys

Heres the facts

The circuit board that receives the charging jack is seperate to the mother board on most Dells. It is a push together connection which relies on the integrity of the screws and their tightness to maintain a connection. With use or rough handling this connection may falter and need to be remade.

Sometimes it is the charger but rarely, sometimes it is the socket which you should resolder once you have the board out but 99% of the time it is this perilious little connection.

The Dell charger has a little pin in the middle of the jack (have a look in the centre)that interrogates this connection every time you plug it in. It is a little Eprom in the charger itself. The quality of this connection is key to whether the mother board will allow the charger to attempt to charge the battery. A poor connection leads to possible sparking and tthe accompanying RF is disasterousand could causes battery damage as well but mostly it's the danger of surging.

The ONLY solution is to pull the laptop apart, remove the mother board, clean both sides with a dry toothbrush or a contact cleaning spray and reassemble. Dells are very easy to work on, even a novice could probably do it, just make sure you take photos as you go to refer to if needed on reassembly.

So just to be sure - there is NO software, No downloadable fix or anything else that will solve this problem, it is a very simple hardware issue. If you are sending it to a Tech to fix, tell him/her about the Eprom etc and what needs to happen as most do not know.

The job takes about 30 - 40 mins and you should be charged accordingly - there is NO part replacement, unless the socket board has cracked due to rough hndling and needs to be replaced.

Good Luck with it all


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December 18, 2010 at 02:49:28
my old battery not charging. when i went to india i brought Dell battery for inspiron 1545.but this is also not charging. this is my batter type X284G,RATING11.1V,CAPACITY 48WH,11.1V min 4.2 Ah made in Korea.
my old battery type is GW240, RATING 14.8V, CAPACITY 28 Wh,14.8V ,min 2.1Ah.made in korea.
my adapter is working because adapter light is on. adaptor type is 65W AC ADAPTER,model LA65NS2-00 PA-1650-02DW, INPUT100-240V,OUTPUT 19.5V, LITE-ON TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION, MADE IN CHINA

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December 18, 2010 at 07:46:58

You MUST use a battery that is compatible with using it in your inspiron 1545. It MUST have a voltage rating of 11.1 volts. Your AC adapter and circuits inside the laptop were NOT designed to use a battery that has a higher voltage rating, and using one may DAMAGE your AC adapter and circuits inside the laptop, and even if that's not the case, nether was designed to be able to charge a higher voltage battery.

It is easy to find suitable battery for your inspiron 1545 by searching the web with something such as : inspiron 1545 replacement battery.

See the troubleshooting info at the link referred to in response 1.

See iTech's info in response 3.

For most Dell computers, you can easily find Dell's Manuals and troubleshooting info for the model , e.g. in this case by searching the web with: inspiron 1545 manual

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