Dell Inspiron e1705 troubles

Dell Dell inspiron e1705 notebook comput...
November 29, 2009 at 03:22:50
Specs: Windows Vista
Bear with me on this one, its a doozy.

Laptop would turn on, but no screen activity.
CD/DVD rom was booting up, I hear the fan
going, but black screen.

I took the HDD out, as well as the CD/DVD
rom and tried again. Same effect. Swapped
each one in and out, nothing. I took apart the
laptop, checked all the connections to make
sure they were firmly in place, and also made
sure motherboard was secured. Everything
was fine.

So I decided to go out and upgrade the
memory to 2 gigs. Still nothing.

I would turn it on, off....same thing. It was
getting power, but no screen activity. Until,
magically, one day, it turned on, sortof.

The factory WinXP loading screen started, but
then froze in the middle of loading. This
happened several times. I finally decided to
slap in a spare Vista installation and shazam,
it worked great! I flashed the BIOS to be
current, and it was running Vista great!
Everything was operational and going good.
Until I turned it off. Then, I would go through
the hellish routine of trying to get it back up
and running. Some days it would be good and
turn on no problem, some days it wouldnt

Now, it wont respond, all it does is flash caps
lock, scroll lock and number lock stays
steady. This tells me this is a memory seat
issue, and I may need to get a new
motherboard (since the memory seat is fixed
onto the bottom of the motherboard)

My quest is this: The monitor not turning on,
or at least BIOS screen booting, could that be
a motherboard issue as well, or could it be
graphics card? I did have some slight issue
with vertical lines appearing and the system
freezing solid whenever I tested video on
youtube or attempted to play internet games
to test out the video card.

Any thoughts would be appreciated :)

I was told it was a motherboard issue, or even
a memory seat issue

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November 29, 2009 at 03:24:45
Oh, I also tried hooking up the laptop to my desktop monitor
before it started working randomly, and my desktop monitor went
into power save mode, didnt show anything besides that.

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December 10, 2009 at 07:13:24
Hate to necro this, but got no responses. Anyone have an idea of
what could be the problem?

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