Dell Front I/O USB/AUDIO wiring question????

December 26, 2010 at 03:37:51
Specs: Windows 7, AMD Athion II/Gskill Ripjaw 4GB
I have a Dell Front Panel I/O USB/AUDIO module, (click link to view Module I'd like to transfer over to my New Home Built

Desk Top.

Here's my little dilemma.....The module has a Dell proprietary inter connect cable with an 20 pin connector on the module end that splits into a standard 10 pin 5/5 pin 8 plugged for the 2 USB slots and a Straight 10 pin connector (with 6 conductors in a single row).

The USB portion of the cable hooked up to the New MoBo without issue but the Audio portion needs a bit of customizing to work which I've got about 90% Complete except for the MINOR Detail of where the wires removed from the old dell straight 10 connector should be oriented in the new 5/5 pin 8 plugged connector I have prepped and waiting.

The dell setup has no markings as to what wire is what in relations to Rt in, Rt out, Lt in, Lt out etc... and none of the wires interconnect each other as I've seen in the past where Rt In and Rt Rtn and Lt In and Lt Rtn might splice into each other.

Listed Below is the Colors of the Wires leading from the connector plugged into module. Not real sure as to the individual wires pin orientation in the connector due to no arrow or any indication as to pin 1's position. I have however listed any markings found and its location on the connector below **********************
mt blk mt blk org brn *grn wht brn mt *
O O plug O O O * O O O O *
This is sec *********** * This section is for USB
for audio O O O O * O O O O O O *
mt mt red ylw * blk blk vio ylw org red *
J * 10 *
W *********************************

Markings JWT and 10 on side of the connector. Maybe the 10 is pin 10 IDK?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Need more info? Let me Know

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December 26, 2010 at 07:41:53
The way you wrote your post is very annoying. Why did you put spaces between all the lines? And how about listing your system specs? If you've built a new system which I assume means you used a new motherboard & new case, why do you need this Dell wiring harness at all? Doesn't your case that it's own front panel wiring? If for whatever reason you have to use the Dell wiring & it doesn't match up to the pin layout, you need to unclip all the wires from the plastic plugs (look closely & you should be able to figure it out), then plug each wire individually to the the proper pin on the motherboard. If you don't know which wire is which, trace them to their source.

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December 26, 2010 at 07:44:18

I am a moderator here and I attempted to fix an unreadable post. I apologize if I have messed up the intent. Your formatting was unreadable as it was.

You can edit your own post by using the edit above the original post to fix what is necessary.

I response to you original question, have you also fixed the Dell propitiatory case to motherboard for the other functions? What about the Power supply?

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December 26, 2010 at 15:11:51
I apologize for my previous post, it was late or should say early morning and the post got all outta wack due to input error on my part. I did attempt to fix it but as we all can attest to Wasn't very successful in doing so. Mr. moderator, I thank you for getting the post to a legible state.

Now back to business... My problem in a nutshell is this. I have a Dell USB/Audio front panel interface that I want to add to the front panel of my New Computer. Problem is that the Proprietary Dell cable's interface connector end doesn't match the pins on the new MoBo. I have pulled the wires/pins out of the connector and am ready to put the wires/pins into a connector that matches the pins on the MoBo but with the wires leading out of a 20 pin connector that houses the Audio and USB Cables and not being labeled I haven't a clue what the wire configuration needs to be in the new connector. I know which pins are what on the MoBo I just don't know which wire goes to which pin without knowing the identity of the wires leading from the connector on the Audio/USB Interface board.

I suppose what I am in need of is either a wiring schematic for the Dell System or if someone here can identify the wires or even point me in the right direction as to where I need to look for the information. I'd be appreciative of any help I get for sure.



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December 26, 2010 at 15:24:26
First two links show the case and board ends of the USB. Third link is an Intel standard case wiring spec sheet. Included is standard pinouts for audio, including mic.

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December 26, 2010 at 22:00:32
Hi, thanks for the links, lots of information some of which I am aware of from doing my own searches. Problem is like all the information I have been able to locate so far does not address my issue of identifying the wires that lead from the DELL COMPUTER CORPORATIONS PROPRIETARY 20 Pin CONNECTOR and connects to the 10 pin located on the Mother Board. The 20 pin connector attaches to the small PCB that houses the 2 USB ports along with the 3.5mm headphone jack. Out of the back of this DELL 20 Pin are two cables, one cable houses all the wires for the USB's the second cable houses the wiring for the 3.5mm Headphone Jack and is the cable wiring in question. Basically the 20 pin connector is used to attach 2 different I/O peripherals to the MoBo pins. The connector on the USB cable had the correct type of connector but the Audio Cable did not match my MoBo Pin configuration which creates a problem for me without knowing which COLOR OF WIRE REPRESENTS WHICH FUNCTION ie...RED Wire Represents FP_out_L or Yellow Wire Represents FP_RTN_L etc....I can't configure the wires correctly in the new connector. There is no markings on the 20 pin connector to shed light into which pin would be number 1 or even the layout of the pins so a person could count and figure out the pin numbers. Compounding the issue is the 2 different peripherals wires exiting the back of the connector.

I just need the function of the following colors of wires that are for the AUDIO PORTION of the Dell 20 Pin Connector, don't care about the USB Side it connects to the MoBo straight away.

Black----Assume is Ground but one never knows
Black----Again is it Ground?? .

Am I thick here or am i bad at conveying what I am needing in a clear and concise manner?? Prolly a little bit of both eh? lol



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December 27, 2010 at 05:45:31
You may need to use a continuity tester to trace each wire. The USB port opening itself on the front of the case has to be as shown in the links. You should be able to SEE the colors coming off the port itself. Once you know which is ground, data & power you can use the Intel Directron chart to connect the USB. The Intel chart shows all the case connections.

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