dell dimension 5000 desktop flashing amber start button

July 29, 2012 at 06:47:25
Specs: Windows XP, Pentium 4 HT / 2ghz /
This flashing amber start light is referred to in Dell manual as due to PSU or Mobo. However, I have done all the usual checks:
Removed ALL peripherals (Cards, cd's, memory etc) without result.
Tried new more powerful PSU, replica Pentium 4 HT CPU, no difference. Changed Bios battery, reset Bios, no difference & Bios amber Led is on. Still nada, no fans, no beeps, nothing.
Checked old and new PSU's with a meter and with a tester, All
voltages, leds OK, PG 350 OK.
PCI post test card flick on for less than half a second then nothing. If I unplug the 4 pin P2 CPU cable everything works, fans, HDD, CD etc., but of course as no CPU power no POST or beeps. Flashing amber now on steady.
PCI card tester now shows leds for all voltages, clock, but reset light on continuously & no Frame led! Reading shows 4 bars indicating no post started.

By the way the machine just died during use & no recent add on hardware changes. Also with the 4 pin cable inserted, but the CPU removed the system is dead apart from bios 5 volt led on mobo.
I need a real "techie" to help me as I've run out of ideas now.

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July 29, 2012 at 14:57:15
Given everything you've already tried, the only thing left is the motherboard.

One of the more common motherboard-only failures is due to cheap capacitors. They work for awhile and then begin to fail. Often they'll get a 'puffy' look to them as if they're about to blow up (and sometimes they do). Take a look at the capacitors that surround and are near the CPU. If they don't look right someone good at soldering may be able to replace them.

You can also check the motherboard for other signs of damage but it doesn't take much to zap a motherboard so there may be no obvious signs.

Edit Oh, and I know you think the power supply is OK and maybe it is. But often they fail and ruin the motherboard as well. The power supply needs to provide several different voltages so it could be bad even though the fans and LEDs still work. So it's probably best to keep using the newer power supply, just in case.

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July 30, 2012 at 07:13:45
Hi Skyjak130

My name is Rohit and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell.
I regret to hear about the issue you are facing with your Dell system. You have tried multiple steps and you can also try removing all the memory from system and then restarting system without any memory and if system beeps then it will not be an issue with motherboard but if it doesn't beeps then issue is with motherboard of your system and you can also try with one memory stick at one time. Please update me once you try these steps.

Looking forward for your replay.

Glad to assist you!

Thanks and regards
Dell Social Media Responder

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