Dell computer wont turn on

November 30, 2013 at 19:45:23
Specs: Windows 7
My son shut down his Dell desktop one day and it wont turn back on. The is a green light under the power supply that comes on when intially plugged in but it goes out once we press the power button. I have tried a different power supply, same thing. I have tried a different power button, in that case the green light stayed on when the button was pressed but no other response. I replaced the battery on the motherboard, no help. I just ordered a POST test card, but it may be 3-4 wks before it arrives.

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November 30, 2013 at 21:51:21
It must be the motherboard or something connected to it since the PSU is OK. With the power cord removed, temporarily remove all unnecessary add-on cards and disconnect the drives. Then reconnect the cord and try to power it up. If you get a posting or logo screen then one of the disconnected items must be at fault.

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December 1, 2013 at 06:58:30
- Please post the model/model number of the Dell.
- The PSU probably isn't the problem but post the wattage of the original & the make/model & wattage of the replacement.
- Power buttons generally don't go bad.
- the motherboard battery definitely isn't the problem but swapping it out reset the BIOS. You'll have to deal with that issue later IF you get the system to boot.
- the POST test card is useless & was a waste of money.

I suggest you take DAVEINCAPS advice & disconnect everything that's "non-essential" - unplug all the drives (HDD, optical, etc), remove all internal cards, unplug ALL external devices & connections (mouse, printer, speakers, internet, etc) except for the monitor & keyboard. If the monitor is connected to a video card but the motherboard has a graphics port, connect the monitor to the board's port. And if there's several sticks of RAM, remove all but one. Once you've done all that, try powering up the system. If you get the Dell splash screen, something you disconnected is the culprit. If it still doesn't boot, remove the last stick of RAM & try again. Without the RAM in place, the board should beep like crazy. If there's no beeps, either the board or CPU is bad.

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