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February 26, 2010 at 12:33:48
Specs: Windows XP, 2.527 GHz/1024 MB
Is it possible to reinstall back to original on a Dell B110 desktop with a loaded harddrive, no disk needed without losing all documents etc??? Like system repair??? also some way to test memory and hardrive. y PC is very slow to open shortcuts, or web pages, Mediacom <internet provider/cable says it's my PC not their internet, I disagree, need some easy test if possible.

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February 26, 2010 at 14:39:50
It's all about system maintenance. My guess is your system is overloaded with crap. If you don't regularly take out the trash, it just continues to accumulate & eventually slows the system to a crawl.

- when's the last time you ran a cleaner such as CCleaner-Slim or Glary Utilities-Slim?

- when's the last time you scanned for viruses, spyware & Malware?

- when you open Internet Explorer, do you have any toolbars? Such as Yahoo, Google, Viewpoint, etc? They are all spyware & all slow system performance, not to mention take up space when viewing the IE window.

- do you have a lot of non-essential programs loading at startup? Such as AIM, Yahoo, iTunes, Quicktime, RealPlayer, Adobe, Java, printers, scanners, cameras, etc? There is no reason for them to pre-load, all they do is hog valuable system resources. Use them on an as-needed basis. Have you ever run MSCONFIG?

- when's the last time you defragged your hard drive?

- when's the last time you blow the dust out of the case? If the heatsinks become clogged, they don't cool efficiently, the CPU get's hot, then automatically slows itself in an attempt to prevent overheating & burning out.

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February 26, 2010 at 15:25:52
If anything I have "over" cleaned. I run defraggler instead of the system defrag as a tech friend said it works better when windows quits say at 15% or says not needed, I run super-anti spy, Ccleaner ,, which is another he suggested, I removed Ad-aware as it was conflicting with Avast since they added anti-virus protection, I have 85% free space so not alot of "crap" downloaded, am just an older newbie with a Dell lemon, 2006, new hardrive at 6 wks, which they doubled and doubled the memory, I have not blown the dust out in several months but don't think you do that on a monthly basis do you??? I will follow up on all the other great suggestions and thanks for input. I also use MalwareBytes often so maybe after the win32-gen, win gen BT invasion last month and a worm, quarantined and blocked there is still something messing this up. Did not have the roll down black screen on site/page exit until past 2 wks and no major events in event log in that time. thanks again!!, the start up tips will help, have both Yahoo and Google toolbars, just needed to know how to disable but not remove some of these programs, and use as needed. I did Avast scan in safe mode and it found nothing, nor has anything else found anything since Jan.

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February 26, 2010 at 16:20:54
OK, since you already have CCleaner installed, use that instead of running MSCONFIG. Start CCleaner, click on Tools, then click Startup....all the startup entries will be listed. You can either disable or delete. I have a total of 5 entries, how many do you have?

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February 26, 2010 at 16:51:16
It says 6 . IE8 has never run right, I uninstalled and reinstalled and have now disabled most of the add-ons seeing if that was the problem, I will recheck the start-up programs and see what to disable, mainly Dell support and HP for the printer????? might be a good place to start????. I have not had time yet to follow your other instructions, and will get to them in a short time. thanks

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