Dead Hard Drive in my Emachine

Emachines Et1810-01 mini-tower desktop
February 18, 2010 at 07:26:35
Specs: XP
I have a Emachine W3107 dead hard drive no recovery disk. I have OS XP after I load I get a black screen

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February 18, 2010 at 08:16:52
How did u know the drive is dead? Did u test the drive using manufacture tools? Did u try to start in safe mode?

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February 18, 2010 at 08:34:06
The most common thing we hear about that happens to emachines desktop computers is the computer fails to boot properly. It's usually caused by the power supply partially or completely failing., NOT the hard drive failing.
Open up your case and find the label on the PS - if it is a BESTEC power supply, that's probably what your real problem is.

More info later.

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February 18, 2010 at 09:34:29
Hard drive was making a loud clicking noise so I put a new one in and loaded XP but I am getting invalid path or no permission! could this be the power supply? And yes the PS is a bestec. Should I replace it?

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February 18, 2010 at 11:57:50
FYI if your model was bought in the US or Canada, this is the unofficial information about your mboard:

It's a FIC mboard with an emachines bios version on it.

" recovery disk. .."

Nearly every day we hear that from at least one person who starts a Topic on this web site.

In this case....

If the computer did not come with a Recovery disk or disk set when new, or if you bought it second hand and got no such disks with it
- there was probably an emachines supplied program in your All Programs list that you were supposed to use in Windows to make a Recovery disk set with, while the hard drive and Windows were still working properly. If so, the only reason you don't have the set is you were unaware of that, or you knew about that but never bothered - you were lazy. However, you may only be able to make the disk set once - if you bought the computer second hand, you may not have been allowed to make the disk set, if someone had already made it.
- if not, or in any case, you can easily order the Recovery disk set for most models from the emachines web site, by supplying the serial number of your system, and that probably costs you a lot less even with shipping included than even an OEM XP Home CD costs.

If you see the things you normally see before Windows is supposed to load - the video is normal until then - then the PS may be okay, at the present time,
BESTEC power supplies are well known to tend to fail more often than average, and when the power supply fails completely, they are a lot more likely than average to damage something else, often the mboard. They are used in most if not all emachines desktop computers, and also in some cheaper models of other brand name desktop computers that were actually made by the same company that makes emachines computers - Trigem, in Korea.

See Response 3 in for info about how you could keep informed about whether it has started to fail :

"Hard drive was making a loud clicking noise..."

OK then, if you're sure it was the hard drive that was making the noise (e.g. it could have a fan blade rubbing against something, or a defective optical (CD or DVD) drive, or, sometimes, the power supply) the original hard drive was probably failing.

"...." so I put a new one in and loaded XP but I am getting invalid path or no permission!"

You can't get that "no permission" message while loading Windows from scratch from an XP CD onto a blank hard drive, or onto one you want to re-load Windows on from scratch, unless the message is coming from the mboard's bios, not the operating system (you would have had to type a password before you could boot from the hard drive, previously ), or, possibly, unless the message is coming from third party software you installed to protect the data contents of the hard drive.

If you were getting "Access Denied" or similar messages in Windows itself, see the last part of this post.

If you installed a hard drive that already had Windows installed on it when it was connected to a different mboard, and booted from it, if the mboard you have it connected to now has hardware (main chipset, I/O chip, etc.) that is more than a little different from that on the original mboard, it's quite common for Windows in XP (or 2000) to NOT load all the way. Typically when you try to boot from that hard drive, the video is normal until Windows is supposed to start to load, then you see the first bit of Windows graphics, then a black screen, blinking cursor top left, then nothing further happens.
You can fix that situation by booting with an XP CD and running a Repair installation of Windows procedure, which will not delete yoir personal settings or any data you have added to the partition Windows was installed on,
HOWEVER, NOTHING can go wrong that prevents you from completing Setup when you do that, otherwise the existing Windows installation will be trashed.
( If Windows is trashed , you can still copy what you don't want to lose to elsewhere after connecting the drive to a working computer, and NOT booting from your drive on that computer, BEFORE you install Windowsfrom scratch on the drive by booting with the XP CD when the drive is on your own computer.)

The XP CD you use must have SP1 or later updates included on it in order for Setup and the Windows it installs (or Repairs) to be able to recognize the full size of hard drives larger than 137gb manufacturer's size. If it has SP2 or SP3 updates included, SP2 or SP3 is printed on the original CD.
Whether the CD has SP1 updates or no SP updates included on it can be determined by searching on the web with it's volume label - the text seen for name of the CD in My Computer or Windows Explorer.

If you don't have an XP CD that has SP1 or later updates included, and you DO have a hard drive larger than 137gb manufacturer's size, if you want to install Windows from scratch, or run a Repair installtion of Windows procedure, you MUST make a "slipstreamed" CD (preferably a CD-R) that has the contents of your CD with the SP3 updates integrated into it, and, if your mboard has a SATA drive controller, you might as well integrate the drivers for that into the contents at the same time. THEN you use the "slipstreamed" CD to install or Repair Windows, rather your original CD. .......

"....I am getting invalid path...."

Under what circumstances?

If the drive had Windows installed on it when it was connected to a different mboard and you tried to boot from it, something may be referring to the location of something that does not exist on the emachines computer.

You should get NO ERRORS AT ALL when reading files from the CD during Setup. If clicking on Retry or similar does not help...
If you DO / DID get errors, something was not right !
See Response 7 in in this,
starting at
"Errors reading from the CD can be caused by....."

If you get "access denied" or similar messages when you click on existing personal files or folders on a Windows installation that were for users that used a password for their user, you need to "Take Ownership" of the files and folders.

How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP

NOTE: you probably have to reboot the computer before the settings you change actually take effect!

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