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Microsoft Office word 2003 step by step
March 1, 2010 at 03:50:09
Specs: Windows XP
My mouse cursor jump while typing in word.When I start typing and suddenly the cursor jumps to another position, usually a few lines above and all of a sudden you're typing in between lines you've already written.

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May 9, 2010 at 08:38:27
Hi, the "jumping cursor while typing" problem had plagued me for 4 months on my Dell XPS M1730 laptop. I tried just about every "FIX" to no avail. I even sent the laptop into Dell, they switched out some hardware, sent it back and it still had the problem...

Then Dell sent a Tech out to my home, who changed out the touch pad, Keyboard and some other integrated circuit stuff and it still was problematic as before...

Eureka; I found a FIX which took care of MY particular Problem;

The problem I found is a "Boot Sector Virus" issue. I fixed it by starting my Computer in Safe Mode F8, then doing a Virus Scan.

When You Virus Scan in Safe Mode, the Virus cannot Hide Itself from the Scanner. At least this one worked for Me.

How I figured this out is when I reformatted my hard drive, then loaded Windows 7 and other software, the problem still existed; therefore I deduced, the only place for Virus information to hide was in the Master Boot Sector.

After looking up this Pesky Virus problem online, I see almost 112,000 Posts relating to it! Good Luck!

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