Solved Crackling sou while watching streaming videos

July 29, 2011 at 19:15:26
Specs: Windows 7, Intel Celeron E1400 @ 2.00/2.00 GHz RAM: 2gb 32-bit OS
Hey all, I'm receiving crackling sound while watching streaming videos. It only happens during this though. With new games and old games, music, etc. the sound is perfectly fine. My adobe flash and sound drivers are up to date. I just installed a Audigy 2 ZS 0350, if that helps.
What's even more strange is when I maximize the screen to watch these videos (youtube, justin tv) the crackling gets worse. Is this an internet problem?

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July 29, 2011 at 20:28:02
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I'm assuming this Audigy card was used previously by someone else. If it was, there's no way of knowing whether it has been damaged such that some things don't work properly.

Assuming that it's not damaged.......

"Is this an internet problem?"

Are you connecting to the internet via a DSL or ADSL connection ?

If yes,
- your problem could be caused by line noise - electric or electronic interference that is being picked up on the telephone line between your location and the nearest telephone exchange, or being picked up at your location

- there must be a DSL or ADSL filtering device beween everything else connected to the same phone line and the telephone jacks in the wall, other than the DSL or ADSL high speed modem or combo router / modem, otherwise those other devces may not work properly, and they may produce electric or electronic interference that is being picked as noise via the phone line by the sound card.

NOTE that the line noise may not be audible to you when you pick up a phone on the same phone line and listen for it.

Otherwise, you could try...

Remove the AC power to your case.
Unplug the Audigy card.
Wipe off the contacts on the bottom of the card with a tissue or a soft cloth.
Install the card again, fasten it down.
Restore the AC power .
Try the computer to see if you still have the problem.

DO NOT install the card in the last PCI slot that is closest to the center of the mboard. That slot usually shares it's IRQ with the video, and if it does, you are likely to have problems with any card installed in that slot , except for a PCI video card.

If you have a generic system, which PCI slot shares it's IRQ with what is usually stated in the manual for the mboard model.

Other things you could try ?

Plug the card into a different PCI slot.

If the PCI slot was dusty before you plugged in the card, you could wipe that too - e.g. wrap a thin cloth around a thin peiice of card board, such as from a cereal box.

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