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May 7, 2010 at 15:59:40
Specs: Windows XP, Intel P4 3.20ghz, 2GB ram
I have a Dell XPS Gen 4.
Intel Pentium 4 640, 3.20ghz. Prescott.
2GB Ram
Nvidia GeFroce 9600GT.

According to my Nvidia system monitor, my CPU Tc Temp is 65c. Strange thing is, according to this monitor my CPU temp has never changed. Since ive installed the monitor, its always said 65c. Faulty monitor/sensor or is that truely the case?

GPU Temp has been sitting around 50c idle and up to 61c under load (never seen it pass 61c)
I normally dont run the AC in my house, so in the summer the temps will go up just from room temp going up (the temps above ARE summer temps)

The same monitor has my Case Temp at 65c, which ive also yet see change.

Dell XPS has a shroud type thing with 2 92mmx38mm fans in them, one blowing air in and one pushing air out. It slips over the CPU Heatsink. Can be seen here (not MY XPS, but an inside look of one) http://img.dell.com/images/global/p...
Also has a fan on the side panel, think this one is 80mm, which is also incased in a black plastic shroud that extends the length of the panel towards the front of the case. Can also be slightly seen in the above pic, on the right panel on the bottom (under the smaller green shroud)

What do you think of my temps? are they normal?

Also thought about getting some slot fans for some extra exhaust.

PCI slot case blower, heard some reports that putting this in the PCI slot under your Gcard will help cool it, but others saying it wont do much.

5.25-inch Cross Flow System Fan:

Any input is appreciated

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May 7, 2010 at 16:30:55
Your GPU load temperature is quite good. High end GPUs can sometimes hit 100C under load. You don't need to add a PCI slot cooler--an extra cooler may even disrupt air flow.

If CPU temp isn't listed in the BIOS, try SpeedFan:
Keep in mind that those old XPS machines do not use standard motherboards, so temp-sensing software might not work. Fortunately, Dell desktops usually do a fine job of keeping themselves cool.

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May 7, 2010 at 17:14:16
Thanks for the reply.

SpeedFan only shows my GPU/HDD temps. Nothing about my CPU temp. It doesnt even show anything about my fans or voltages.
My BIOS has NOTHING about any kind of temps.

What about the 5.25-inch Cross Flow System Fan? I think the flow of air is cool air is sucked in from the bottom of the case, and hot air is exhausted from the top (back) I suppose an exhaust at the bottom (the PCI cooler) could disrupt the cool air flow, but having another exhaust up top, shouldnt hurt anything, right?

My GPU use to run in the 40's idle and 50c under load. So not sure if its just the increase of the ambient temp or somethings wrong.

Also, could the 65c that the Nvidia monitor says (and always has) for my CPU temp be wrong? because of Dell's proprietary stuff?

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May 7, 2010 at 17:53:54
It is likely the proprietary motherboard used in your Dell has a cut down bios that lacks the sensorchip access required by any monitoring software. The reading given by Nvidia software is an anomaly and should be disregarded. Unless your system is exhibiting the typical symptoms of overheating ie: Slowing down or freezing/shutting down, or pixilating graphics, then you are worrying needlessly. There is no need to install any additional cooling. Periodic cleaning of the case interior to remove accumulated dust from heatsinks & fans is all you should do.

I use a soft paintbrush to dislodge the dust then canned air to blow it away.

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