Corsair750HX and Antec 1200

Corsair / 750hx
August 4, 2010 at 13:38:27
Specs: Windows 7
Hello, I'm about to go clean my entire case in a day or two, and cable management has always been somewhat of a problem.

I'm using a 750HX corsair with a Antec 1200 case, chassis manual instructed me that installing the PSU must be at the bottom with the PSU fan directed at the mobo.

This is fine, but it makes the SATA power cables and the 8pin/24pin mobo cables bend at a unnatural angle when i try to route 'em through the backside of the case for management, so i wanna try with the fan facing downward.

I heard my PSU fan is a intake, not exhaust fan, i figured since i already have more than enough airflow in the case without the psu fan directing air at it as well, i can just change how it was positioned.

So I'm asking here is it a good idea.

tl;dr version.

fan up = impossible clean cable management without extension cables/twisting SATA/PCIe/ATX 24pin cable to make it look neat.

fan down = all in the previous paragraph is fine, but no air blown into the case(note i HEARD the fan is intake, and it looks like a intake, but I'm not exactly sure, could use some help on this)

I can just drill a 150mm hole down below the PSU and put a dust filter there, but i've never done case modding so i don't know.

Also, with the fan down, the writing doesn't look upside down when i look at the PSU in the case.

What do?

Sorry in advance for any grammar errors, i'm in a hurry at the moment.

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August 4, 2010 at 14:37:57
First off the PSU mounting screws won't line up that way.

You have it backward anyway. The fan that is facing up is an intake fan. The discharge fan on the PSU is out the rear. Excerpt below.

"Keeping it all cool is a temperature-controlled 140mm fan. Air is vented through the hexagon mesh back panel. The universal input accepts voltages from 90V to 264V so you no longer have to worry if the switch was in the right position".

I don't see where the cables would be any different if the PSU were installed intake fan down. It certainly won't be able to suck any air out of the case mounted that way.

The cables are described as extra long, so it shouldn't be a problem.

You have high end hardware there, install and run it as designed.

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