continuous alarm sound on reset button on tow

August 19, 2011 at 16:02:44
Specs: Windows Vista
I removed reset cable from mother board but sound still there .Reset button light also flickering continuously

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August 19, 2011 at 16:40:31
Tell us which brand name system make and model you have, or if you have a generic system, the make and model, or at least the model, of your motherboard.

It sounds like you're confusing the reset button with the power button.
Brand name system cases usually don't have a reset button / switch / wiring, but generic cases often do.
If your case has only one button for a switch, it's the power button. If it has two buttons for a switch, usually the reset button is much smaller.

The power button can be held in for about 4 seconds until the computer's mboard shuts off, depending on settings in the bios, but that's not the reset button.
The reset button, if your case even has one, resets the mboard instantly when you press it briefly, the mboard reboots, if there is nothing wrong with the state of the operating system on the hard drive.

The led flickering ?

The reset switch button has no led on any case I've ever seen, but there is always an led for power, which may be behind the power button or in a separate place, and an led for hard drive activity, which may be behind a button or in a separate place.

It's normal for the hard drive activity led to blink.

It's NOT normal for the power led to blink

It's common for the reset cable, or the power switch cable, or the power led cable, or the hard drive activity led cable, to get damaged, usually right behind the front of the case, e.g. when the front of the case has been removed to install or remove a floppy or optical drive.
Sometimes the hard drive activity led or power led gets dislodged from the place it's supposed to be on the case front and needs to be glued back in

Regarding the cause of your single continuous beep...

The reset switch cable and reset switch and button have nothing to do with the sound you're hearing.
The reset switch is normally open - it does not connect until you press it in - the same thing applies for the power switch on modern computers with ATX mboards.
(On older AT computers, the power switch is connected directly to the power supply and is either off ot on.)
Pressing in the reset button never produces a sound from the mboard , nor does it's switch's wires being shorted. The same goes for the power button / switch / wiring.

- Some desktop cases have a chassis intrusion switch that's activated when you remove the left side of the case as seen from the front of the case - if that's connected to appropriate pins on the mboard, that may produce a continuous beep when it's on. - see the manual for your mboard or brand name system model. When the wiring for that switch is not connected to the appropriate pins on ther mboard, the default stae of the pins is an open circuit - not connected to each other.

- there may be something else that is responsible for producing the continuous beep.
When did you first get this beep ? What did you do just before you got it ?

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