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Computer wont turn on at all

October 5, 2010 at 02:43:58
Specs: Windows 7, Asus
It used to be that recently (past few months I suppose) if the computer was turned off it would have to be restarted several times because it kept failing to boot up all the way or freezing, but once it got started successfully it worked normally; Putting it in hibernate didn't cause a problem restarting windows.
Then even more recently (the past couple days) the computer would turn it's self off when waking it up from hibernate but I got lucky trying to restart the computer, it started up windows eventually and preformed fine once it did.
Now today the computer kept turning it's self off randomly from 30 seconds to a full minute during boot up, but I couldn't get it to stay on, each try the time kept getting shorter and now the computer wont turn on at all. The cpu fan spins for a little bit then stops when I try to power it on.
The power switch on the chassis has a button that functions as an ON switch when pressed slightly or wakes it up when in hibernate and prevents the computer from being turned off accidentally if pressed again while in windows; But will cause windows to ask if you want to shut down. It also has a RESET position that forces the computer to turn off when fully depressed and held for a few seconds. I use the reset if the computer freezes rather than from the power strip. Another feature of the switch is a stand-by LED that is normally on when power is supplied but the computer is off or in hibernate and the LED normally turns off when the computer is running. The stand-by LED is still working.
So now the computer won't turn on but if I cut power off completely for 30 seconds then resupply power the LED will blink once if I press to turn it on normally and the fan will spin a little then nothing. If I try again the LED will remain lit and the fan will not move, If I depress it to reset it I can get it to blink again and the fan to move too but nothing again until I reset or cut power off.

The inside has a little dust and is collected on the heat sink but not clogged, just gathered on the top.
A little history on the computer: This computer has had two trojans in the past, real nasty ones too that killed two hard drives, a CD-ROM and a power supply and a clean install with windows professional XP. But apparently its all fixed and is no longer an issue.
Its a custom PC with Asus and Nvida with a chassis that's pretty big for the footprint of the motherboard

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October 5, 2010 at 05:07:17
Ok to me it sound like your power supply may have failed, basically if your power supply falls below tolerance even slightly you should consider changing it. you should test you PSU if you know how, or borrow one / take one from another pc to see what happens.

if the PSU is not able to supply the correct voltages to the devices, ie HD, MD, CPU then the computer will turn off.

I would say do this first, you should be able to buy a voltmeter pretty cheaply and find a good guide online google "how to test power supply unit"
or you can but a PSU tester into which you can plug your various cables, 12v 3.3v and 5v. if you see a considerable difference when testing your PSU then you can colclude (possibly) that the PSU is at fault.

Probably the cheapest and easiest test you can perform first.


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October 8, 2010 at 23:07:00
OK well two VOM multimeters are all i have at my disposal at the moment, one is an inexpensive RadioShack digital VOM multimeter and the other is an Eclipse 400-047, so i have all the features i should need.
I just found that thermal paste is required if removing and reinstalling a heatsink and there is a risk of damaging the board. I also wanted to ask on instructions on how to remove the fan and heatsink, the reason being for cleaining any debris off the heatsink and fan.

the PC features are:
4 bay tower
7 expansion slots

power supply
DELL PS-6311-1DS


memory cards
(2) NVIDEA SLI Ready PC2-6400

unknown (forgot)

CPU heatsink and fan
Thermaltake Tt TR2-R1

hard drives
(internal) Western Digital Caviar WD400BD
(external) Maxtor Personal Storage 3200

(2) (internal/unknown) one is inoperative and the second sometimes causes the PC to freeze.

(external) DSL with wireless router

Veiwsonic N3251w

USB wireless keyboard and mouse
external sound device

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