Computer won't start up - won't access drives

Medion / Md3880
October 15, 2010 at 14:19:55
Specs: Windows XP, Intel Pentium 4/3GB
I have a 5-year-old Medion Multimedia PC. It came with 1GB of RAM (as 2*512MB), but I've recently added 2 more 1GB sticks. It was working fine for the two weeks since I did the upgrade, but this morning it has stopped working. Specifically, it shows the "Intel Inside / HT / Pentium 4" logo and then doesn't go any further. If I reseat the RAM incorrectly, it beeps, which shows that it's got through that part of the POST. However, it won't look at the drives. Unplugging the HDD makes no difference whatsoever. Putting the OS installation CD in one of the optical drives also makes no difference.

I've also tried unplugging the mains for a little while to see if that makes a difference. It didn't.

The system is on a UPS which also includes filtering.

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October 15, 2010 at 14:27:50
Oh yes, the fan spins happily. When I added the RAM sticks, I also gave things a bit of a clean - but not much.

I have just found that the computer has finally started up. One point that I noticed elsewhere is that computers sometimes don't like running at low temperatures and it has been a cold morning.

I'll keep an eye on the situation.

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