Computer will not run Vista

Sony Vaio vgn-sz640n/b notebook
June 30, 2009 at 14:11:14
Specs: windows
So last night my computer crash so now every time i
power it on it takes me to the VAIO recovery tools
because something is configured incorrectly or a file
is corrupted thats what the first screen says.... Well here is
where the problem starts.. If i use "windows system
restore" there is nothing in there.. It says that there is
no restore points created on my computer system
disk this is weir cause i have done this about 2 times before and there is multiple dates i can roll back to.. so i cancelled.
Then i go to Vaio Hardware diagnostics and i scan the
C drive and the E drive and it tell me that they are
running normal. So what i tried to do was restore the C
drive to factory default i though maybe that would fix the
problem but when i tried to run it it gave me this
message.."could not obtain the target drive letter"
"task fail with error: -1"

So i went back and ran the Hardware Diagnostics and
scan the C drive again and this time i check the box
that says "fixes errors on the disk" after it was done it
says the the drive is running normal so i closed
everything and it gave me this other message.." OS not
detected on the C: drive. Cannot boot into windows" i
click ok and shuts down...
What could the problem be? Do i need a new hard
drive? Or should i take it to get windows vista reinstall
since the tools will not let me do it or can i just buy one and install it?.. I don't have warranty on this machine anymore.. Any One? Other thing i notice is that the laptop gets really hot right under the HD.

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July 1, 2009 at 09:33:21
"....the laptop gets really hot right under the HD."

It should NOT get hot there.
The hard drive is probably failing and that could account for all of your other mentioned problems.

Check your hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostics.
See the latter part of response 1 in this:

(thanks to Dan Penny for this link:)
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities

If you don't have a floppy drive, you can get a CD image diagnostic utility from most hard drive manufacturer's web sites, but obviously you would need to make a burned CD, preferably a CD-R for best compatibilty, on another computer if you need to.

If the hard drive itself tests okay, any data problems found can be fixed, one way or another.

If it does NOT test okay, the warranty on laptop hard drives is usually 3 years.


I'm assumming you have NOT changed which ram you have installed, or fiddled with the ram, since the computer last worked properly.

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