Computer turns on, monitor stays on standby :

December 6, 2010 at 09:35:39
Specs: Windows Vista
I was on my computer one morning and we happened to have a power flash, quickly on and off. Afterwards i turn on my computer, everything comes normally, gives me the safe boot option, i start up windows 7 log in and it freezes, on a side note that is very unusal. I've had my setup for a month now and not 1 freeze. Afterwards anytime i attempt to turn on my computer the monitor stays amber and nothing shows, no bios nothing. I've tried tried multiple things such as replacing the power supply, running bare minimum (1 stick of ram, cpu, cpu fan and power supply without graphics card installed), Ironically im in a nerdrage rush to get it fixed by 11p.m. central time tonight, a new game i've been preparing for with new comp upgrades and such for months comes out on midnight and i very much so intend to be there for it.

my computer specs:
890GPA-UD3H Motherboard
3.3 dual core am3 socket processor
9800gt xlr8 nvidia graphics card
2 sticks of 2 gig 1333mhz ddr3 ram
600w Power supply
500 gig sata harddrive

im running windows 7 professional 64x

i was running a 480w power supply when the power flashed, i bought a 600w today.

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December 8, 2010 at 05:54:41
I feel for you, i attempted to do a few minor upgrades to my computer just so i can run cata a lot smoother and somehow ended up doing dmg to my computer, tried everything except replacing the cpu which i'm waiting for in the mail and now i'm behind gaming wise :(

Check for post from your motherboard when you turn it on. (post are beeps) It could be your mother board will need replacing, if not that could be your cpu (hopefully not as you'll find out it's expensive to replace). but before replacing things, try taking out the battery for few minutes and then putting it back in.

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