computer startup process is weird

Micro-star international Z68a-gd80 (g3)...
November 2, 2012 at 03:52:31
Specs: Windows 7, i7 2600k 3.4ghz / 8 gigs
Okay so few days ago I've been doing some overclocking

heres my rig:
i 2600k
msi z68 gd80
sapphire 6950
corsair ax750

-I tried to unlock my sapphire 6950 with various method, so basically I've been doing "flash mod-> fail -> flash original bios"-cycle for around 3 times.
In the end, the unlocking failed and I flash the original bios to the mod-able bios for one last time, and switch the bios to the backup bios (sapphire 6950 have dual bios switch)

-later, I manually overclocked my 6950 with sapphire trixx

-the next day, I tried the OC Genie mode from the motherboard, which gave me instant overclock

-and the next day, I turn off the OC Genie mode, and do a manual overclock, I raise the multiplier to 42x and its stable since its only 42

now the problem is, suddenly my startup process is getting weird

*TLDR starts here* when I press the ON switch,<u> it turns on</u> (the fan starts and the motherboard light is on) <u>for around 4 secs</u>, and then it <u>suddenly turns off </u>(before entering the booting process, the screen still black, the keyboard and mouse lights are off) and <u>then after 2 sec</u>, it <u>automatically turns on again</u> and the rest seems normal.

my efforts:
1. I set my processor to its default settings, but it doesnt fix anything
2. I plugged off all usb devices before turning on my computer, still nothing
3. I removed my 6950, the startup back to normal!
4. I clean my computer, put the 6950 back on the system, turns on computer, and the weird startup process happened again

what should I do? is there something wrong with my vga? does my 6950 got a permanent damage from all of those bios flashing?
is it ok to just continue using my computer like this? or will it cause damage to the other components?

further details from using HWMonitor:
the VIN2 voltage when using onboard graphics = 0.88v
the VIN2 voltage when using 6950 = 0.19v

(processor -> powers -> GT)
the GT power when using onboard graphics = 0.27w
the GT power when using 6950 = 0.14w

other voltage and power levels are the same (small margin)

Please help oh wise-ones

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November 15, 2012 at 11:00:35
Try to reset bios to factory settings

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