Computer Randomly Freezes

December 1, 2010 at 07:12:52
Specs: Linux i686, SEMPRON, 1GB DDR2
Hello, I have been trying to figure out what is wrong with my computer for about a week now. I built the computer myself, it has a generic (cheap) power supply, a Biostar motherboard, integrated audio and video, 500GB western digital SATA drive, 1 GB DDR2 (667 mghz) RAM and an AMD Sempron CPU. I do not have anything overclocked. I am running Ubuntu Linux 10.10.

The problem started about a week ago, I turned my monitor on one morning and noticed everything was frozen, the clock had stopped a few hours prior, could not move mouse, unresponsive to keyboard commands. I powered it down, booted back up fine and was able to use it for a bit before it completely locked up again. This continued to happen for a few days. Nothing specifically caused the issue from what I could tell. I tested the RAM using a memory test bootable CD, ran hard drive test and everything looked good.

I tested power supply with a multimeter, voltages read at ~ 3, 5, and 12v to the motherboard. I cleaned the system out of dust, all fans are operational, and the CPU temperature is within normal range. The power supply does not appear to be running hot or anything like that. None of the system logs in Linux show anything abnormal. I went ahead, re-formated hard drive, re-installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu on the system and for four days it did not lock up once. I thought it was fixed, but just this morning it did it again. I was using the LiveCD and noticed that for a while it did not lock up when using the bootable CD or during the memory tests, only when the OS was booted. Maybe a driver issue somewhere or a bad update? But Ubuntu 10.10 has been on here for months now with no problems.

I did have a power surge/sag about two weeks ago. Computer was on a surge strip, but it was old and could of possibly not been working correctly.

Any ideas to try? I am thinking it is a intermittent power supply issue since nothing appears to be running hot or malfunctioning.

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December 1, 2010 at 19:24:32
“generic (cheap) power supply”-that could be your problem. What are the specs on the psu and do you have another one you could try ?

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December 1, 2010 at 20:30:20
It is a 500w power supply. I literally do not see any specs on the power supply or a brand name at all. I know it is cheap and probably worthless. I have purchased another power supply and am currently running the system to see if it occurs again.

Thanks for your reply

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