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computer not recognizing cd roms or floppy

September 6, 2010 at 09:40:24
Specs: Windows 05.12.2009
ok here goes power supply went out had to replace it and redo all wiring now computer wont recognize cd, dvd or floppy drivers will let me get to the bios but thats as far as i can go after main screen comes up that lets me get to bios goes off instead of the windows boot up screen i get a black screen with a lone blinking cursor but after a minute it tells me to decide how i want to reboot and put in a reboot disk. this cant happen if its not reading that the roms or floppy isnt there. running windows xp help please...

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September 6, 2010 at 13:01:01
The failing power supply may have damaged the motherboard but usually if it posts OK then the motherboard is OK, (usually).

But are you sure you reconnected everything right? Most of the time the cables will only fit one way but if you're unsure, the red-striped edge of the ribbon cable connects to the # 1 pin side on both the drive and motherboard connector.

And, did you remember to attach the power connectors to the drives?

Also, go into cmos/bios setup and make sure the floppy and IDE controllers are enabled and the drives are properly identifed--1.44 for the floppy and probably AUTO for the hard drive(s). Check that the drives are in the boot order

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