Computer Not Booting at all (POST 2)

September 4, 2013 at 05:02:12
Specs: Windows 7, T2050@1.60GHZ-RAM-1.25GB

This post is a followup to my earlier post above.

Initially the problem was, I was not able to boot from CD. The CD drive was working fine. I was able to brows the CD, burn files to the CD. But booting was not possible from CD. That problem remained unsolved. Now system does not boot at all. Possibly it does not detect the hard disk. The process halts at a point where it should load on to Hard disk, and there is no message or any thing on the screen. I checked the cables inside. Checked RAM. Both processor fan and the SMPS fans are working. I tried to boot from USB drive. Possibly system does not support booting from USB. There is no option available in BIOS to boot from USB. there is an option in BIOS, "Find other drive" YES/NO. There I put yes and tried to boot from USB. But it did not work. There is no floppy drive. I may have to buy a data cable in order to make the floppy drive work. There is no PCI card in the system The slots are empty. Is there any option than to take out the Hard disk and format with the help of some other system?

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September 4, 2013 at 05:26:59
Hi kartik1955,

Let us know the the make and model of the system.

Is it an assembled system?

Check if the hard drive and optical drive are detected in BIOS. If detected, reset the BIOS to default and then try booting through optical drive.

Ensure that no external peripherals are connecting when booting the system through optical drive.

You can take out the hard drive and connect it to a different system to install operating system however, it may not work properly when connected to the original system.

Thanks & Regards
Manshu S

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September 4, 2013 at 17:07:54
The CD drive was working fine. I was able to brows the CD, burn files to the CD
Do u know how to burn a bootable file?
Did u test the bootable CD in another system? Next time use MobaLiveCD to test your bootable discs.

These are the reasons why u can't boot from optical drive (I assume the optical drive is recognized in BIOS and working well)
-The disc isn't bootable.
-The boot order is not set right in BIOS, you can still use boot option button displayed on post screen instead of going into BIOS. The post screen can b paused by pressing pause/break key.
-Unsupported media type.

Go into BIOS and make sure hard disk is recognized, if not swap power and data (use 80 pin cable) cable and try different PATA slot. A bad power supply unit can cause hard drive(s) to not appear in BIOS. U can also try clearing CMOS.

Attach the USB drive and the option to boot from it will appear (use boot option button displayed on post screen). May be a BIOS update will enable booting from USB drives if current not supported.

Is there any option than to take out the Hard disk and format with the help of some other system?
Windows doesn't like to shift, if u install windows in another different system the OS will not work, this is only possible if similar system is used.

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September 6, 2013 at 08:58:17
I don’t know how to burn bootable file but I can find it out and manage it in another system with win7. The CD in question is booting in other system. There is nothing wrong with the CD. Optical drive is recognized in BIOS(Possibly), because there are two data cables from mother board; one connecting the hard disk another to the CD ROM. I reversed the cables and BIOS recognized the change. Earlier CD ROM was the primary. After the change Hard disk became primary and CD Rom secondary.
What is clearing CMOS mean?
Boot option for USB is not available on the screen. At the beginning of the booting process, one screen comes where it asks to press F8 for boot menu. After that one screen comes where there are three options Secondary master(Hard disk), primary master(CD ROM) and floppy drive. After giving option for CD ROM also it does not boot from CD.
Is there any possibility of a boot virus?

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