Computer does not accept 4 GB of ram ANYMORE?

Adata / Ad2u800b1g5-drh?
May 28, 2010 at 11:33:39
Specs: Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit
My Computer doesn't accept 4 identical ram cards anymore, I used to have all 4 in 24/7 in no problem. Then I believe I got a virus and had to swipe the computer and put on the same OS as before (Ultimate 32-bit), I tried installing the OS with all 4 sticks of ram in and during the installation the notorious BSOD showed up. So I swiped the hard drive again and put only 1 x 1gb stick of ram in, it installed just fine went to the OS just fine. Then I tried installing the other 3 sticks of 1gb and the computer f---ed up, regardless of the combinations I used; I've tried installing the ram before I install motherboard drivers and I've tried installing the ram after I installed motherboard drivers. The time when I installed ram before motherboard drivers it would start up no problem, but then I went to install the drivers and it showed a blue screen and dumped the memory in real-time. For the time that I installed the motherboard drivers prior to installing the memory it went to the windows but it would be very unstable and it would either restart at random with/without a BSOD prior to seeing a very scrambled multicolored screen. I've installed everything else no problem (my PCI-E graphics card, and sound card) but the ram is the only thing that has a problem. However I tried installing 2 gb of ram on the red slots of my motherboard and it has been without any error. Also to note my motherboard is an Asrock A780GMH and that motheroboard does support dual-channel memory which is what my memory is. Also all the ram sticks are in working order; I've had them in my computer for months with 0 issues.

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May 28, 2010 at 12:46:13
Look at bios first and see if the settings are correct for that ram. Also might look at other health readings such as voltages and temps while you are there.

Then boot to memtest or microsoft's memory diag to start testing ram and ram slots.

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May 28, 2010 at 13:01:48
You can't fix a hardware problem by installing software. Manually configure your RAM settings in the BIOS as was suggested. Use the RAM manufacturer's specs for speed, timings & voltage.

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