Computer crashing when in games

May 14, 2009 at 12:32:25
Specs: Windows Vista
Hello there. I'm here in the hope that I can find some form of solution to a major problem I've been having with my computer (purchased in November 08). I'm an avid WoW player and multiple times in the day my computer will completely crash and I'll loose everything. The screen will go one solid colour, the colour varies if I'm in Ironforge on WoW when it happens it'll go a light brown/dark orange where as if I'm playing Dust2 on CS, it'll go yellow like the sand. Often when this happens, if there is a sound at the time of crashing such as gun fire on CS, the sound will loop for about 3 or 4 seconds and then go to a screen of whatever colour. It's done this since I pretty much brought it, but at maximum twice in a few weeks... so nothing I really was bothered about.

When this happens I'm forced to just hold the power button in. This only really happens in game but when it happens, it'll happen again and again and again after about 5minutes of opening up either CS or WoW. My computer specs are:

I'm aware that the graphics card is onboard but it should easily be capable of playing WoW smoothly, I'm playing with absoulely everything low too, FPS is not really an issue. I have the latest graphics driver for the card too, updated today. It was doing this prior to updating however.

This problem leads me to believe its graphics related, I'm getting tonnes of errors in the log but I'm not sure they're related to this. If you would like the ones I have gotten today I'd gladly post them.

Any more information you require I'll gladly provide. If you would even like to speak on Ventrilo so I can go into more detail or something, thats possible. I'm very desperate to fix this since its no longer just an annoyance I'm gonna live with.

*crossed fingers*

Tom :)

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May 14, 2009 at 13:25:52
You should have had the issue looked into long ago when the system was new. I don't understand how anyone can feel that crashing occasionally is normal & shouldn't be bothered about it.

Start by checking your CPU temp in the BIOS...both at idle & under load. And test your RAM with memtest86, memtest86+ or Windows Memory Diagnostic. If any errors are found, try removing the offending stick.

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May 14, 2009 at 13:45:51
Hello jam, it very very rarely did this, I just didn't bother me enough for it to warrant contacting PC World.

I ran the diagnosic tool and it found no errors with memory.

Regarding checking temperatures, how would I do this?

Not experienced with BIOS whatsoever.

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May 15, 2009 at 04:55:52
One thing I'd like to add is, last night I was speaking to a guy I know - he seems to think that because the GFX card is onboard and probably has no cooling of its own and well isn't designed for playing WoW that I have fried my GFX card. Not sure if this is true but it sounds right because if it happens once, it'll happen again and again and again.

I have been told that NVIDIA's get hot but last night after being on all day (on and off) it was on like 101-109C. Atm it's on 92C.

This is outside of game too.

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