compaq presario yellow light what does it mea

Compaq deskpro pc / Sr5010nx
July 9, 2010 at 08:47:43
Specs: Windows Vista
just bellow the green power on button on my tower is a cylinder symbol etched into the front panel. next to that symbol a yellow-amber-goldenrod light that lately flashes on and of . for example it is solid when i start my desktop then blinks for a while then turns off, but returns after prolonged use does anyone know what the symbol means? and what the light indicates?

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July 9, 2010 at 09:03:28
That's the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) activity led.

It's on when any hard drive on your computer is reading or writing data.

How long have you been using computers?
Every personal computer I've ever seen has that.

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July 9, 2010 at 09:09:49
The HDD LED. lol.

PowerMac 9600(1 ghz G4)
512mb RAM
50gb SCSI
ATi 9200 PCI

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July 9, 2010 at 12:39:11
this is the first computer i have owned 2 years now ,but despite this that light is not the "hard drive thinking light" that light is up above and its also green. the yellow light turning on is a brand new development

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July 9, 2010 at 13:52:33
"just bellow the green power on button on my tower is a cylinder symbol etched into the front panel"

The cylinder symbol is universal for being closest to a HDD activity led - that led is usually a color other than green, or it's not the same color as whatever the power led color is.

"it is solid when i start my desktop then blinks for a while then turns off, "

If you just let the computer boot and do nothing after the desktop loads, that's exactly what the HDD led does on most people's computers. It will come on again whenever you or the computer does something that accesses the hard drive.
If you are doing something such as merely reading something on the web, or typing, the hard drive isn't necessarily being accessed except in brief flashes.

Some desktop cases have a third physical led for "sleep" mode - e.g. standby or hibernate mode - that only comes on ONLY when a computer is in one of those modes,
or - the power led is actually two leds in one, one color for normal mode, the other color for standby or hibernate mode, but if that led blinked, the blinking would stay at exactly the same rate.
Some systems may go into a sleep mode indicated by an led if the Power settings in Control Panel are set a certain way - e.g. you can set that so the hard drive shuts off after xx minutes, yet you still have normal video, until you do something that wants to access the hard drive, then it spins up and "awakens".

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July 11, 2010 at 21:02:12
thank you that must be it! it only seems to do that other than start up when i am reading fan.fics or digital books (not doing anything for a long ... long time )i only recently started reading like this since my car accident, so that accounts for why it is happening now.
p.s many shades of green my power button is the typical lime green the other one is deep green almost blue
i feel much better now that i had a second opinion the first site i was on told me, it was my motherboard going out and would need to be replaced before it wiped itself clean.

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July 12, 2010 at 07:44:47
"Product: Compaq deskpro pc / Sr5010nx"

It appears there's no such model.

Sr5010nx is

Compaq Presario SR5010NX Desktop PC (a.k.a. COMPAQ PRESARIO SR5010NX HOME PC )
(support home page)

I found nothing that shows a close up of the computer case front.

You MAY already have User Guides for your model.
There MAY be info about your case front features in one or more of those.
Look under All Programs - User Guides.

Most Compaq desktop computers have just two leds on the front of them - one for power - it may have a lit up light bulb symbol near to it - and a hard disk activity led - it may have a cylinder symbol near to it, like a can you can see the top of .
The power led may or may not be two leds in one - have two colors, the second color being for a sleep mode (Standby or Hibernate).


Product Number : RZ537AA

The case and it's part number is not listed.

5043-0071 Power LED holder - Fits into a notch on the top, right front of the chassis

Light Pipe
5043-0069 Power indicator light pipe - Mounts on the top, right corner of the chassis

5043-0070 Hard drive activity light pipe - Mounts on the top of the chassis

Nothing about a third led.

The power led may blink when the computer is in a sleep mode:

There is an led on the power supply on the back of the case on many Compaq desktop computers - it may blink when there's something wrong

"...the first site i was on told me, it was my motherboard going out and would need to be replaced before it wiped itself clean."

Obviously if you were having no problems with the computer, that's not relevant.

Some brand name computers - e.g. many Dell desktop models - have diagnostic leds (a.k.a. lights) on the front of the case - but I've never seen or heard of that for Compaq home user desktop computers.
Those diagnostic leds are usually supposed to be either all not lit or all lit one color when there's nothing wrong with the computer and the mboard has fully booted - any other pattern or a blinking led indicates a hardware problem, but you don't see that if there's nothing wrong.

Some generic systems have a plate in a slot at the back of the desktop computer that has diagnostic leds on it - that connects to the mboard. Similar applies.

Most mboards have one led on the surface of the mboard (inside the case) that lights up at all times, even when the computer is not running, when there is live AC power connected to the power supply, the power supply switch is switched on if it has a switch (on the back of the case), and the power supply is connected to the mboard. That led should never blink. It's there to remind you the ATX mboard is always powered by the ATX power supply in some places even when the computer is not running, and you need to disconnect or switch off the AC power to the computer / power supply whenever you fiddle with any connection inside the desktop case.

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