Compaq nc6000 can't run on retail XP install

Hewlett-packard Compaq nc6000 notebook
February 1, 2010 at 00:02:49
Specs: Windows XP pro SP3
My work laptop was replaced last year. I was left with the nc6000 but now I do not remember the password and I do not have recovery disks so I tried to install a retail copy of XP pro.

The XP setup process commences OK, drivers loade and files copied then the laptop reboots and the XP configuration process should start Location, language etc you know...

However, when it restarts I have a black screen with a blinking underscore character on the top LHS of the screen. No keyboard or mouse response either.

Transferred HDD to other laptop and installed XP successfully. Reinstated the HDD into the nc6000 but same problem just the dash character (underscor) on the LHS top corner. #$!

Any Ideas will be much appreciated.

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February 1, 2010 at 00:17:52
Do you have any USB devices attached? If so remove them &
try rebooting. The flashing cursor problems I've come across
have all been hardware based, usually USB, but often
corrupt/failing harddrives. When you did the reinstall, did you
do a fresh one, formatting the drive before install starts? if not,
then this is the one to try. If you did a fresh install then either
try again or start the install process, boot from the CD and
see if it wants to repair/carry on the install. Another option if
you've been through the initial install phase is to get to the
recovery console and run chkdsk to see if any errors are

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February 1, 2010 at 00:22:31
I actualy deleted the original partition,created new partition and formated ie. started from scratch.

Also note that I removed the HDD and installed it on another laptop (Acer) I went through the same process and XP installed and run w/o problems. This rules out corrupted HDD I think !

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February 1, 2010 at 01:56:19
Install hdd to another system "acer" and install win xp then put back and do repair.

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September 8, 2010 at 07:59:45
How u solved the installing XP pro on NC6000? , if u had how did u solve it?

All I have problems with my usb ports they are not working!

Do u have any ideas?

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