Comp shuts down during start up

March 3, 2009 at 07:27:39
Specs: Windows XP (i think)
Hello. As I was playing an online computer game my screen completely froze. Since I am computer retarded, I just held down the power button to shut it off. Now when I start my computer it immediately asks me if I want to start it in various safe modes or if I would like to start windows normaly. If I click normal mode it takes me to the Windows loading screen and will "shut off" after 5-10 seconds on that screen. At this point the computer doesnt actually turn off but returns me to the options of Safe Mode & Normal start. If I try to start it in safe mode it shows me a bunch of text which makes no sense to me and I return back to the start up options.

After reading a bunch of forums on related topics there seems to be an issue with fans. Mine appear fine.. I opened the computer up and turned it on. All the fans appear to be working except for a very small fan on the bottom side of the video card (or what I believe is the video card).

In the past my computer would turn off due to overheating while I played online computer games. I am familiar with taking the computer apart and cleaning the dust from it. Which helps with overheating issues. I dont believe this is an issue of overheating.

Any advice?

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March 3, 2009 at 07:53:08
"All the fans appear to be working except for a very small fan on the bottom side of the video card"

"I dont believe this is an issue of overheating"

Why would it not be an overheating issue? The fan is there for a reason. If it's not working, the GPU is most likely overheating.

Try letting the system cool down for a while. If you have a small desk fan, remove the side panel & position the fan so that it blows directly into the case, then see if you can boot into windows normally. If that "solves" the problem, remove the card & check the fan...see if it spins freely or not. It may just be dust clogged, then again, it may have burned out. If the fan is bad, you'll either have to replace it or replace the entire card. If it's an old card anyway, now may be a good time to upgrade.

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March 3, 2009 at 08:22:30
Thank you for your help. I didn't think it was an overheating issue because it doesn't seem like it is running long enough to generate much heat. Like I said I dont know much about computer.

I tried what you said, opened the side panel and blue a desktop fan through the inside of it. No luck.

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March 3, 2009 at 12:08:00
There's a good chance that the fan not running caused the graphics card to overheat and become damaged. If the motherboard has on board graphics, try removing the card and using the on board. Otherwise try swapping in another graphics card.

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