combine 2 used hard drives into 1 comp

October 8, 2011 at 10:57:05
Specs: Windows Vista
I have a desktop computer that I originally bought for my son and I had a laptop. Well they broke the screen on my laptop and it is now connected to the monitor of another desktop we had. My son has tons of games and downloads way too much, I have removed most the programs that I feel he doesnt need however, He has SIMS and he does play very often so I have not removed that, and I am pretty sure that is a huge file.

What I want to do is take the hard drive from the other desktop and put it in the desktop that is my sons. The first computer (I want to add to) is a HP Pavillion and the other is a Dell Dimension 3000 (I'd prefer to use the Dell tower but we have already taken the wireless card out and it's a little older) Anyway, I am thinking this will work because - isn't it almost like going out and buying another hard drive to add to the computer? My only reservation is the fact that this drive will also have Windows on it (and do not remember which version). Can this be done? I am sure you will need more information so please let me know what you need. I find myself using my son's computer a lot more than my laptop now out of convenience (his is in the living room) not to mention, my laptop seems to be slowing down so....

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October 8, 2011 at 20:06:44
There is generally not problem using an old hard drive in a newer computer as a second hard drive. Normally you just plug it in, turn the system on, save any files that are on the old hard drive that you may want onto the main drive, then format the hard drive to remove EVERYTHING on it. When the format is complete, you can transfer files over from the primary drive to this secondary hard drive to free up some space on the primary drive. You will NOT be able to move programs unless you uninstall them, and then reinstall them (select Custom install and select the second drive to install on).

I said generally not a problem, but you will need to see what type of hard drive each computer has as far as the interface (SATA or PATA(IDE)), and if they are different, if the newer computer supports the other type. As an example, if both are SATA then it is easy as in you just plug it in. If the newer computer is SATA and the older has an IDE interface, you will need to see if the new motherboard also has the IDE port as well. If it does, it is possible, if it does not, then you could not without purchasing a PCI interface card for it. In that case, being that a new SATA drive would not be that much more than the PCI card would be, I would just recommend a new drive instead.

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