Code 10 error; repair tool OK?

February 20, 2009 at 23:11:10
Specs: Windows XP Pro
Am having trouble reading, even seeing in My Computer, a 32GB USB Kingston flash drive. Was able to read this drive easily last week at home and work. Yesterday, only on a colleague's machine at work was I able to see the drive. On the 2 machines I use at home (running XP Pro) and the machine I use at work (also with XP_Pro) I am no longer able to see the drive. Googled Code 10 error, and among other leads found a 'Code 10 repair tool' (purportedly offering a free download). Ran it, it claimed to find 2000+ errors, but wouldn't fix anything till I registered and I presume purchased the product. Have bad experiences using "PC repair" products as they invariably made my machines dramatically slower and more useless in the past. Should I trust the PC Repair Tool offered at Please help. Thanks. Best, -Murgie

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February 20, 2009 at 23:17:53
see if this is any free-er :)

but the most logical way to deal with your problem is to do the following:

1) If you are using a USB cable with your device, check the cable to make sure it matches the speed of the device. Use USB 2.0 cables with USB 2.0 devices and USB 1.1 cables with USB 1.1 devices. Swap cables and check the device, if this does not work, proceed to Step 2.

2) Next, open Device Manager and look under the heading for USB Serial Bus Controllers. If there is a device with a yellow exclamation mark next to it such as USB Mass Storage Device. Double-click on the entry and check the Device Status. If the status shows something like

"This device cannot start. (Code 10)"

proceed to Step 3.

3) The easiest way to solve a USB error code 10 in Windows XP is to follow the steps below to remove and reinstall all USB controllers.

A. Click on Start
B. Right Click on My Computer, click on Properties
C.Click on the Hardware tab
D. Click the Device Manager button.
E. Expand Universal Serial Bus controllers section.
F. Right-click every device under the Universal Serial Bus controllers node, and then click Uninstall to remove them one at a time.
G. Restart the computer, and allow the computer to reinstall the USB controllers.
H. Plug in the removable USB storage device, and then test to make sure that the issue is resolved.

You have a registry problem I think.

I always say it's best to doublecheck.

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February 21, 2009 at 00:22:35
Thanks. Did so. On starting up again, all the other USB __ are recognized and reinstalled. This Kingston USB 32 GB flash drive is not. Now I'm wondering if the flash drive s damaged. But only yesterday I read it on a colleague's machine.

Am now considering (a) searching for some Kingston driver, in case that actually matters (b) searching for a registry cleaning tool (Tried the free Wise Cleaner just now -- it didn't do any damage, but hasn't fixed the Code 10 error either). Comments, suggestions, welcome.

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