cmos battery

Toshiba Satellite p25-s509 notebook
August 31, 2009 at 16:29:56
Specs: Windows XP
location of cmos battery on satellite p25-s509
need to replace the battery.

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August 31, 2009 at 17:08:01
Check the Toshiba website. I know on my HP it's under the keyboard.

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September 28, 2009 at 11:22:26
thanks but is under the wifi card and ground it but did not do the job so now have to go after the hdd password

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September 28, 2009 at 12:14:19
Modern laptops are very well protected regarding passwords.

The password info and the info about whether or not access to a hard drive is dependant on a password is NOT stored in the bios/cmos chip on modern laptops (those less than about ten years old) . It's stored on both the hard drive in a data area no normal program can find, and on a chip on the mboard that's soldered into it that cannot have it's user data contents cleared by removing power to the laptop or removing the cmos battery or resetting the cmos.
Programs you may find on the web that can remove passwords on older laptops do not work on modern laptops.

If you don't know the password(s)
- if you're the legitimate owner of the laptop, if you contact the maker of the laptop, if you can provide them with sufficient info that you're the legitimate owner of the laptop, they MAY provide you with info that will remove the password(s), or they may not but they may allow a local technician certified to work on their brand to remove it for you. However, some laptop makers no longer do that, or if they do, they do that only for the original owner
- you MAY be able to fing a local technician certified to work on the brand to remove it/them for you. However, he will probably re-load the original software on the drive - he has no idea whether you have any legitimate right to access the user data already on the drive if you can't provide the sufficient proof regarding that, and if he wants to remain certified for that brand, he's probably not going to take the risk of leaving the data on the drive intact.
- you MAY be able to find experts on the web that can remove the password(s) for a fee, but that is not cheap, you MAY have to ship the laptop to them, and that doesn't apply to most modern laptops. Even they may not be able to remove the password for the hard drive.
- you can have someone replace the chip on the mboard with another one that is already flashed - that requires an expert do it with special tools and that's expensive.
- or - you could find yourself a used mboard that has no passwords enabled on the web - that may be not that expensive, if the model is an older one.

BUT - you still won't be able to access the passworded hard drive unless you know the password for that - most techs just replace the hard drive.

It's relatively easy for someone to steal a laptop.
If someone has stolen a laptop, or if somone has bought a used laptop, and discovers the laptop and/or the hard drive has a password, they often go to the web and look for info about how to remove it/them. I've seem many posts where they often claim they don't remember the password, or they bought it from someone who doesn't know or doesn't remember the password. That doesn't make much sense. It's extremely unlikely the legitimate owner would forget a password they had to use every time they used the laptop.

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