Cmos battery problem (packard bell mx36)

January 30, 2011 at 19:59:46
Specs: Windows Vista, Intel core duo T 2350@1,86 Ghz / 1 GB
First of all i need to say that my english is not very good so i'm going straight to the object
I need to change the cmos battery (packard bell easynote mx36 - its a laptop). Ive just opened my laptop but couldn't see it, ive found 3 small things wich looks like CR 2032 batteries but i dont think are those (they are smaller and are 3). I can't find anywhere on the internet or in the instruction manual.
I need to know where is situated that battery , next to what component?
ive oppened the laptop nearly to the last piece but could not find it.
Hopefully you will help me with some pictures or tell near what piece is situated
Thank u

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January 30, 2011 at 20:39:33
yes the cr2032's thats them.

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January 31, 2011 at 04:29:28
But i did not said that ive found the cr 2032 ! ive said that ive found 3 little things that are smaller than a cr 2032.
On them its wrote:
1st : 1r8 07049
2nd :2r8 07099
3rd : 3r8 M72

They are smaller and black,i dont think these are the cmos batteries.
Can somebody help me ?

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January 31, 2011 at 09:36:33
Look at this manual - your cmos battery may be in a similar place:

Apparently you get these messages on the M36 when the battery is too weak:

CMOS Battery Low
CMOS Checksum Bad
CMOS Date/Time Not Set
Press F2 to Run SETUP
Press F1 to load default values and continue.

If you are NOT getting CMOS Battery Low , then your battery is okay.

As far as finding a replacement cmos battery is concerned, you may have better luck searching for something such as: "easynote cmos battery"

order a cmos battery here:

Other possibilities:

Manuals for M36
I don't know if they will be of use.
You have to sign up to download them.

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January 31, 2011 at 09:50:07
yes, i do receive the message cmos battery is low , in fact i receive all the messages u wrote in your reply,
if ill find the battery and if it will be a CR 2032 one i'm sure i'll find where to buy one from
Ok now i'll have a look at what u've sent me
thanks for the reply

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January 31, 2011 at 14:20:34
CR2032 batteries are not common on laptops and they usually have no wires attached to them . It's a lot more likely your battery is physically smaller and has less mah capacity and has two short wires attached to it.

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February 15, 2011 at 09:13:21
Thanks for the manual tubesandwires, u gave me the idea to look out for the mx series manual wich ive found it.
I want to say that it was a common CR2032 battery wich ive replace it with a new one (varta). I hope its a good mark for this kind of batteries
Now i have a new kind of problem. I can hear a stange sound comming from that area (where the battery is placed, the cpu is also near that spot, on the backside of the MB). The noise its a high frequency sound (around 10 khz or higher). I dont know if the sound comes from the battery , from the cpu or from somewhere else. Al that i can say its that ive never heard this noise before changing the battery. I also need to say that when ive tried to disassemble th pc for the first time (before downloading the the disassemble manual) ive bended the MB just a lil bit (did not knew that there are more screws).
Can u give me an advice, where that noise comes from(for sure its not comming from the speakers nor the cooler), what can cause it, what can i do ? Im concerned about my laptop

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February 15, 2011 at 10:20:56
It was a CR2032 ? Strange. Many desktop computers have them and they usually last at least five years. When I searched for info about your model it seems it sometimes lasts only about 2 years on your model.
Maybe they used a brand that wasn't a good one?
You can buy really cheap ones at "dollar" stores, but I would use a brand known to be reliable in a laptop.

The noise is probably insignificant.
It probably has nothing to do with you replacing the Cmos battery.

If you have not closed up the laptop's case yet the sound was probably already there sometimes but you didn't notice it because it was diminished by the case being closed.

Some chips, sometimes sound related chips, hard drives while spinning can make very high pitched relatively faint sounds. It can even come from the power supply on a desktop computer.

I've heard it previously on some desktop computers and it seemed to be coming from sound related chips.

I have a fairly recent desktop computer that dual boots XP MCE and Vista Home Premium. Sometimes the video card (in a slot) seems to be making a very high pitched sound (not in the speakers), sometimes it doesn't. It seems it causes no problem at all. It's a high enough pitched sound it's close to the max frequency I can hear.

Side notes...

Way back in high school, I took an electronics course and they had signal generators - by fiddling with that I found I could hear up to 22,000 Hz. then.

Around the same time, our family had one of the early Sony Trinitron TVs. All of us 4 kids (I'm the oldest) could hear a fairly loud very high pitched noise coming from it when it was on - our parents and most adults couldn't. We got used to that over time and were able to ignore it.

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February 15, 2011 at 16:41:35
thanks for the reply.
Actually ive solved the problem since that day. ive closed the case and i stil hear that sound. i am worried that ive damaged the MB or something on it when ive tried to split the MB from the case, not knowing that there where more screws to .... .
By the way, the cmos battery was a panasonic .
I've damaged the laptop main's battery 2 years ago when i've broke the cable and the wires touched eachother. i think this might be the cause why the cmos battery didn't last for longer.
About the sound, ive never heard it before, im sure wasn't there.
Ive opened a small part of the case and listening closely . the sound seems to come from the CPU or if not, from the other side of the MB.
Anyway ill try to pull out the cpu than place it back to se if this solves the problem. no matter what the result will be ill leave how it is and wait to see if something it happens
Im sure that if there is a problem nobody can tell me what happens without checking the pc .
Thanks for your help once again and have a good day

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February 15, 2011 at 21:25:57
Oops , one more thing
A few minutes ago ive realized that the intensity of the noise gets higher when i use more cpu. For example if i hit F5 many times in a short period of time the cpu will work harder (according to the task manager graph). If i listen very carefully, the noise match with the peaks of the cpu load graph.
I've also realized that if i am in a web browser the intensity of the nois raise only when i scroll up or down.
Now im sure that the noise comes from the CPU .
I want to say that the cpu is set to run between 0% and 100 % so it only works when it has to (cpu power settings).

Ive made also an experiment :
- while the pc was cool (no program running) and the noise was at a very low level i've decided to change the cpu power settings . As soon as i've hit "apply" after changing the minimum state of the processor from 0% to 100% the noise got at the highest level
So ... , no doubt that the cpu is making that noise.
I wonder if its anything i can do to prevent a damage of the cpu?
what do u think ?
1 month ago i've cleaned the cooler and the grill of dust (it was so dirty so when i pulled the dust out from the grill a friend of mine told me "be careful not to breake it, maybe thats a sponge that u need to put it back") LOL , so they are perfectly clean right now
Thanks and ill appreciate your help

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February 16, 2011 at 12:10:26
"Anyway ill try to pull out the cpu than place it back to se if this solves the problem."

There's a 99.9% chance it will NOT !
You DO NOT need to re-seat the cpu if it's working fine and is not overheating ! Even if it is overheating it's probably caused by too much crap on the cpu fan and heat sink or improper overclocking settings - there's probably nothing wrong with the thermal pad's or thermal compound's or thermal grease's effectiveness in transferring heat.

Sometimes thermal compound hardens such that it's like it's crazy glued to the cpu and it's impossible to remove the heat sink from the cpu !

You must replace the thermal compound if it has hardened, or the thermal pad that is between the cpu and the bottom of the heat sink when you remove the heat sink with new thermal compound or thermal grease (replacement thermal pads are hard to find). Thermal grease or thermal compound can be re-used if it's clean, but thermal pad remains must be scraped off.

"while the pc was cool (no program running) ..."

Programs are always running in memory when Windows is running, whether you are running a program yourself or not, but they may not be using CPU time. (Direct Memory Access).

"1 month ago i've cleaned the cooler and the grill of dust ..."

Did you use a vacuum cleaner ?
You're NEVER supposed to use a vacuum cleaner because they produce a tremendous amount of static electricity when they're running and anything connected to them can easily discharge static electricity to components on your mboard and damage them!

"I wonder if its anything i can do to prevent a damage of the cpu?
what do u think ?"

The only thing you can do is wait and see what happens.
The noise may not be significant at all.

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