Clicking sound and computer shuts off

Emachines W5243 desktop
December 21, 2009 at 11:55:48
Specs: Windows Vista

The machine I am working on sometimes makes a clicking sound from the piezo speaker on the mb when I start it up, similar to a hd that is failing. All I can get to at this point is Repair/Start normally and selecting either one will go for a bit (variable time) and then the machine just turns off.

I have removed the wireless card so there are no cards installed and have disconnected the hd and tried to boot with UBCDW and get a variable way into booting and the machine shuts off.

I also put the ps on a tester I have and it reports that it is happy, so it does not appear to be that. Plus I ran memtest86 for one pass and that passed.

Any ideas or suggestions on where to go next? It seems to me like it is either the mb or the processor, but I don't like guessing. I contacted eMachines online chat and they were completely useless (as have my dealings with that family of products - eMachines, Acer, Gateway).



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December 21, 2009 at 11:58:16
Can you define "clicking sound" ?

Do you hear any beeps ?

If so, long or short ?

How many ?

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December 21, 2009 at 12:11:50
I have been told there have been many problems with emachines motherboards but I know that doesn't really get you any closer. Sorry


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December 22, 2009 at 06:50:42

Thanks for all the responses.

By clicking sound, when I first heard the sound, I thought it was the hard drive failing. It sounded like the metallic clicking a drive makes when it is trying to callibrate itself. But with the drive disconnected, it wasn't the source of the problem.

And it wasn't a post beep code. No beeps at all. If it was, I would have been able to to track them down easily enough. The clicks are very short and there is a rapid, but erratic stream of them that goes on for a variable amount of time.

Even though memtest86 came back clean for one complete pass, I'm going to try taking out each of the two dimms to see if that changes anything. I'm also going to hook up a replacement power supply in case that is intermittent.

Otherwise, it seems I'm down to either the mb or the cpu. Any good suggestions for techniques or tools to test either of the two?



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December 22, 2009 at 14:52:14
If memtest86 will boot up from floppy and run you can be certain your problem isn't the CPU. If the CPU wasn't working you could not even boot to a floppy.
You disconnected the harddrive to eliminate it as the source of the problem. Did you also disconnect optic drives & floppy?

Will it boot up into BIOS? What about system temperatures. Look at those.

What kind of powersupply tester do you have ? Is it a cheapie that only tests for continuity or is it a load tester?

The PSU may pass continuity tests and only exhibit a fault under load.

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December 23, 2009 at 11:23:32

The optical drive cable was disconnected from the mb, so that is not an issue and I also hooked up a NEW ps that I just got to eliminate the ps as the source of the issue. And yes, the ps tester is a cheapie, but it at least gives me a starting point when diagnosing computer problems.

I agree that the cpu is not the source of the problem as I can run memtest86, get into the bios, look at the temps (looked fine) and get to the recovery console prompt. It seems like when a higher load is put onto the system that the clicking occurs (sometimes) and the system shuts off.

From my research, it appears that bad capacitors are a known problem on this mb and close examination shows six that have bulging tops. I'm going to order some replacements and put those in and with any luck, this relatively new machine will be back up and running.



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January 8, 2010 at 05:14:56

I replaced all eight of the 6.3v, 1800uf capacitors on the board, six of which looked bad.

The computer is now working perfectly. For about $10.00 with shipping, this computer is now back up and running.

A wonderful site with more information on this type of repair is: and is where I got the caps to fix this motherboard.

Thank you for all your suggestions.


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