charger - plugged in but fluctuatin bw charging and not

June 20, 2015 at 14:14:30
Specs: Windows 8, 4 GB
I am a HP laptop holder and my charger has been replaced twice recently due to short circuit because of voltage fluctuations.
Tonight Light come with a voltage ofV suddenly and I heard a tik sound and my charger is showing plugged in but it is fluctuating bw charging and not charging.

What may be the reason?

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June 20, 2015 at 14:49:17
Are the replacement charger/adapter units genuine hp replacements, or even allegedly so (third party)?

Have the "tests" been done using the same ac outlet?

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June 20, 2015 at 15:03:28
How were you able to determine voltage flucuations caused shorts in the previous chargers?

If the replacement chargers were of good quality and AC socket is OK the problem may be the battery or some other internal fault in the laptop.

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June 20, 2015 at 23:55:54
Yes the charger was genuine(original Hp).
Yes the AC outlet is same
I have a 5KV stabilizer connected to my AC that shows exact voltage readings.The time the incident occured voltage was 224 V

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June 21, 2015 at 00:34:55
I take it you're not in the US. What would the reading be for 'normal' voltage?

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June 21, 2015 at 00:46:22
In the uk standard voltage is 230volts - thanks to the EEC/Brussel beurocrats. it "used" to be 240.

There is a "margib of error" allowed, aka a tolerance; and at peak times the volts may drop slightlly (as per EEC dictat). There are those who want to drop the standard volts even further (allegedly in the name of energy conservation and climate change...)

I would be inclined to have a look at the ac outlet itself. Check that its connections are secure; the screw terminals have been known to become less than secure over time. Similarly the actual pin connectors - the actual contacts for each plug pin - are not worn etc. these too have been found to fail over time.

Also is the charger directly into the ac socket, rathan via multi-p,ug adapter or extension bar?

Have you tested using another ac outlet?

And have you tested connecting the charger directly to the ac outlet - no voltage stabiliser involved in its path?

If you decide to inspect ac outlet connections - remember to switch of its circuit breaker, or remove its fuse (if your consumer unit uses those). leave a warning note on the consumer unit advising "everyone" that that circuit breaker is off and not to reset it - unless "you" say to.

Also - before removing ac outlet itself - confirm the socket is dead; use a Martindale or similar socket tester, or a working portable mains powered lamp (a table lamp will do).

You can also double check the wiring of the outlet using the Martindale, although it may not show intermittent/poor connections clearly; but if it does not show stable indicators - and they "must" be stable - it would point to a possible problem with outlet, or even the actual mains feed/cct. to the ac socket.

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