CDR skips to previous track during playback

June 28, 2012 at 05:18:52
Specs: Macintosh
Very specific & puzzling problem: This started within the last year, and it happens with most (but not all) of my new homemade audio CDs, but it does not happen with any homemade CDs that I created more than a year ago on the same Mac with the same program. I've tried changing to different types of CDRs, different brands, but the problem persists, but only with new CDs. That's the puzzling part.

The glitch is this: During playback, somewhere in the middle of the CD (there's not a consistent time-point from one CD to the next, but it's typically in the middle or later section of an 80-minute recording), instead of proceeding to the next track playback skips back to the last quarter of the previous track. Sometimes I can hit the "skip ahead" button and get to the next track fine. Sometimes the player simply will not play the next track at all, regardless of the combination of button-pushing (skip ahead, skip back, etc.). Ejecting and re-inserting the CD does not fix the problem, and the problem occurs at exactly the same point on each individual CD (e.g., on this particular CD, when we get to Track 11, it skips back to Track 10's tail end, and it does this at the same point every time I try to play it).

This only happens in the CD player in my car. The CDs play straight through with no problem on other players in my house. And, like I said, CDs that I made more than a year ago don't have this problem. So I don't know if it's the player itself or if there's something happening during the burning process that didn't used to happen.

Thanks in advance for any tips or insights you can offer!

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June 28, 2012 at 06:38:26
The burner is not as strong now as it was when it was new so the completed burn process is not of the same quality. A typical burner is good for a thousand or so disks and the laser becomes weaker after that. You also indicate the glitch happens in a similar position on each disk so that may indicate some kind of mechanical issue with the laser focus at that point in the burn process. Perhaps some wear & tear in the head control arm mechanism. Time for a replacement burner.

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July 4, 2012 at 06:56:06
Thanks, Richard59. I was hoping it wouldn't be the burner, but I suspected that it might be. Thanks for the note.

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