CD/DVD Drives will not Work

February 13, 2010 at 08:57:14
Specs: Windows XP Media Center , Dell XPS 400 2.8 / 3k ram
Ok I know this post is long but I had to try and let you all know exactly what was happening so I apologize for the length of it.

First of all everything was working fine, windows, drives, everything except my HP PSC 1610 all in one printer/scanner/copier...
So I wrote and asked for help from a HP tech, they replied and sent me a link with a new software downolad... it worked (I thought) everything seem to be ok.... they next day Im on playing WoW and a window pops up at the task bar saying windows was having a problem with a USB port on my computer and does not know how to configure it.... my mouse & keyboard froze up couldn't do anything except reboot from button on tower... So I did,
When I rebooted, black screen kept coming up saying Keyboard failure..... I tried everything I could think of nothing worked I couldn't get into Windows and if it would boot into windows it stoped at the Logon screen with no way of me using the mouse or keyboard to Click anything I kept having to push and hold the button on the tower to reboot!!
Finally at last another message came up in the black screen when i rebooted saying this this machine has made several attemps to boot C\Windows\System32\Config file is either missing or corrupt, you can try repairing windows with your original disc and pushing R at the first screen,, So I did....
After re-installing all updates including SP3 I am up and running.... but my printer/scanner has issues Im thinking about uninstalling it because, Now neither one of my DVD drives are working which brings me to my Question at hand!
I had installed a new Lightscribe 20X DVD RW drive in my top bay, put the jumper on Master, as told to do on the instructions, moved my other DVD RW to Slave all are hooked up thru a flat gray cable (IDE?) the problem is everything works fine with them while in Safe Mode, but while not in safe mode, and I try any disc in either drive the machine completly locks up mouse, keyboard, nothing works and Im back to rebooting with the button on tower as before... I have to go into safe mode disable both drives (which both work in safe mode) then reboot to Windows normally and the computer reboots ok,

I can go into both drives thru Device manager and enable both drives, and it goes smooth, I had even uninstalled both and windows picked up on both of them and re installed them both saying your new hardware is installed and ready to use.... but as soon as I place any disc in either drive my computer locks up again!
Im about at my wits end, Ive tried driver updates as I have driver detective, and Paretologic Drive cure and everything checks out Ive moved the jumpers around so many times thinking maybe there not hooked up right,,, I just have no idea where to look or what to try next,

Anyone with Any information or thinks they know anything that may help me with this problem, Please let me know I appreciate all your help and again apologize for the long posts, if any other info is needed just ask I'll return it,

Thanks again in advance!!

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February 14, 2010 at 07:28:49
try to select drivers manually by selecting
there must be 5 drivers you can select
your new HP driver is spoiling everything
using more system resources
what if you reinstall your ACPI comp.>to Standard maybe it will help

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February 14, 2010 at 14:59:05
As far as your drives go, I believe I would give Microsoft auto fix a go, it is found here:

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February 14, 2010 at 18:58:28
thanks guys
I tried the microsoft fix man I was so hoping everything would go good and it downloaded and started but when it came to the part where it ENABLED my drives my computer froze up again mouse and keyboard locked up, then finally it rebooted on its own, or tried too,

I had to enter SAFE MODE and disable my drives before I could enter Windows Normally again, how do I go about re installing my ACPI ?? I'll try anything

I thought when I took out my one drive both jumpers were on CS cable select Im almost sure of it but I could be wrong,,, why would everything work perfect in Safe mode but wont boot into windows normally? I even burnt a CD with Nero while In safe mode so they do work Idk let me know and thanks so much for help!!!

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February 15, 2010 at 20:44:06
Device Manger>Computer>ACPI computer with multiprocessors> right click on it install Srandard driver(hal.dll) use " don't search , i'll select driver"
note after making your comp.Standard Windows will reinstall the drivers for some devices (system devices) for others you should install yourself before it does Windows
in safe mode windows loads only critical drivers and services

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